Monday, December 05, 2005

today is movie day with mat...we watched flightplan at sm fairview...[farview..anlayo mehn..] of course i waited for him again...the usual scenario...i found out he has not left his house yet...and i waited for him again[i always have..hmmm chismis..haha]..pero ok lang im getting used to waiting all the time...[fyi:last friday i waited 2 and a half hrs for my wonderful brother because he did not see my text msg saying i wanted to be picked up at that instant..] hurrah for boys who do not know the value of time...

anyway with all honesty the movie was not exactly fabulous...sinabi na yun sakin nung mga nakapanood..the set was nice accdg to mat, ahaha pero un the story was kind of shallow...ewan im not a big fan of those kinds of more of the chick flick fan...ahaha i also like fantasy films..sci fi ok lang din...comedy ok ren..horror okay...haha ay autograph book...hahaha ayun...well my day was quite okay..i had fun..the movie was not so fun but i had fun the whole time because mat does the funniest things...he makes the weirdest short ok sha kasama so enjoy parin...he makes fx rides fun...[he makes very loud comments...grabeh] so yun okay day today...

oooh im so stupid, i just remembered we have no classes on thursday and yet i've been trying to finish my drfl plate..ayan di tuloy kamukha ni jeka..hai oh well it means im not that good...yak like i am haha... still not over someone even if i keep on insisting i am...not pertaining to you..pertaining to someone else...:P but i still like you...ay ewan soliloquiy...(sp?)

awwwyyyy i feel so giddy today...hahaha..i can't help but reminisce...i hope there are more moments like this to spend with him..sometimes it's not what we do when we go out that makes me's just the fact that im with him and we spend time together..i know he's not my boyfriend or anything..or if im even close to becoming that special person in his life..i know i've been praying for that eversince...e pero un im quite contented narin...he's nice to me and it's all that matters....[hello better than nothing naman diba..hahaha] and even if he's busy, he tries to make time to go out with me...i think im okay with that...:)

i know you don't know you mean the world to me....well you should know...haha♥

(9:51 PM)