Thursday, August 30, 2007

grabe. minsan pala pag sobrang pagod ka na, kahit saan, parang gusto mo nalang umupo at magmukmok.

hours ago i was trying to get a ride home. somehow, i just didn't feel too eager to get home. actually i was kind of desperate na because i was really tired. it's just that i didn't feel like fighting for a ride. parang wherever i was, i just wanted to sit there and stare at nothing. my goodness, im just so tired. the funny thing is, right now, i don't feel like sleeping. kamon kamote. i know i have to. this afternoon, when i felt like sleeping, i couldn't because i was on my way to school and i really didn't want to wake up cranky.

ewan. siguro im tired mentally, emotionally and physically. im just, gaah TIRED. i am tired of every single frustrating bitching thing in this entire planet. basta napapagod ako. it's good i have funny friends because they're the only reason i have to laugh. kung asa bahay lang ako, i'd probably spend my time baking cookies because it's the only thing that makes me happy even if the whole process tires me. you can actually compare baking with happy love. loving is tiring and happy at the same time. whatever. maisingit lang e no. haha. kill me now.

haha alam ko na ung song na sinasabi ko nung isang araw. "i go crazy" by DHT. kaloka. i so love that version. basta.. :)

yeaaaay saturday is finally videoke/basagan/birthday night! hehe dami e. basta. i really need to unwind. i need to tell pam im an oaf for pretending to be okay when im really not. I AM NOT. and i think i never was. all the tarot cards say the same thing. im just hiding from the truth. anyho. my day is tiring as it is. sobrang burnedout narin ang aking emotions. hihinga muna ako. @_@

(10:04 PM)