Friday, May 18, 2007

sometimes the most important history is the history you are making today.

(11:00 PM)

> Terrible Twos
> If you opened it, you have to do it.
> Two Names You Go By:
> 1. gari
> 2. maita
> Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
> 1. shirt
> 2. shorts
> Two Things You Want in a
> 1. compromise
> 2. a mature conversation
> Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
> 1. cook
> 2. draw

> Two Things You Want Very Badly At The
> Moment:
> 1. cake
> 2. pera hehe
> Two pets you had/have:
> 1 turtle
> 2 cats
> Two things you did last night:
> 1. screamed
> 2. watched tv
> Two things you ate today:
> 1. calderetang baka
> 2. pork spareribs
> Two people you Last Talked To:
> 1. mikka
> 2. pam espi.hahaha di kaya dalawa.
> Two Things You're doing tomorrow:
> 1. watch shrek(sana)
> 2. expect an apology
> Two Favorite Holidays:
> 1. christmas
> 2. new year
> Two favorite beverages:
> 1. coke
> 2. iced tea
> Two favorite TV shows:
> 1. america's next top model
> 2. grey's anatomy
> Two favorite foods:
> 1. i eat everything
> 2.
> Two of your least favorite things to
> do:
> 1. magtext buong araw
> 2. maghugas ng plato

> Two things you want to do before you
> die:
> 1. have a bunch of boyfriends
> 2. earn a lot of money--magsasanga na un dun hehe

(10:13 PM)

i was already having a good day when suddenly, boyfriend decides to get mad at me and to not reply to any of my text messages. i do not know what the hell is wrong with him because i was just trying to be funny.

mark: o baka may lalake ka diyan a.
gari: talaga! meron. ikaw. hehe
mark: pinapatawa mo pa ako a.
gari: natawa ka ba?
mark: oo
gari: kung ibang lalake yung sinabi ko mag-aamok ka nanaman.

after a million text messages, i never got a reply.

hello, i was just kidding. why would i even mean that? i am probably the worst girlfriend in the world but i am not stupid enough to mean that. at kamon, wala akong lalake. bakit ba ganun kainsecure ung taong un? i truly understand the fact that he has not gotten over his first girlfriend because i know how it feels to not get over someone special. besides, their relationship did not end properly so it's okay if he still misses her. di ako galit. may tao din akong namimiss and it's not easy to deal with because of some circumstances i cannot avoid. naiinis ako na parati nalang ako ang umiintindi. naiinis ako kasi ang babaw niya. it's sad because i have to put up with all the shit he has to give even if i don't love him enough. one more thing.

mark: grrr natatalo yung chicago ko, pati phoenix!
gari: ok lang yan. it's just a game
mark: its easy for you pero di sa akin

kamon. tangina. will a person die from supporting a team who just lost a damn basketball game? ang tanga grabe. nakakaasar and for him to say that it's easy for me because i can't relate to the game at all, the nerve! sabi ko nga, "siguro nga di ako makarelate but surely, there are bigger things to be frustrated with and to worry about. basta alam ko, di ako naffrustrate sa ganyang bagay." ang babaw mehn. naaasar ako. imagine, wrecking the peacefulness of my first morning without my tita just because of a stupid basketball game. sana talaga di kami magkaklase this sem. it will be easier to part ways. naiinis ako, because of him, di ako mashado kinakausap ni alfred lately. im sick of trying to be considerate. im sick of it. i don't want to bitch about it anymore.

(9:41 PM)