Monday, November 19, 2007

When you are in great desire for something, the moment that you really really want it is also the time you WILL NOT get it.
But when you have finally accepted that you can not get it, then that's the time that
you WILL actually get it.--


(10:02 PM)

apparently, every single person in this house did not have a fabulous day.

unang una, pinasok ung buhay namin. dahil sa hiwalay ang bahay namin sa maid's room, un lang napasok. wala kasi kaming katulong sa gabi. ninakaw ung plantsa namin chaka ung dalawang pants ng katulong namin. kakatuwa lang na hindi napansin ng magnanakaw ung sinampay sa labas. buti nalang kase andon ung paborito kong panty.

pangalawa, he wanted some, i gave him some. i wanted some in return but i didn't get any from him. why is there injustice in this world?

this is me. ewan for them.

(9:14 PM)