Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 deep questions that will really
tell you something about me. Not
stupid questions like "what is your
favorite lip gloss?"

1. What is more difficult for you,
looking into someones eyes when you
are telling someone how you feel, or
looking into someones eyes when they
are telling you how they feel?

- i guess looking at someones eyes when i tell them how i feel because im afraid that person won't believe what i say.

2. Think of the last time you were
REALLY angry. WHY were you angry?

- nung lunes lang. naiinis ako because it's like he doesn't understand how hard it is to quit smoking.

3. You are on a flight from Honolulu
to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire
in the back of the plane. You have
enough time to make ONE phone call.
Who would you call?

- one family member siguro.

4. You are at the doctor's office and
he has just informed you that you are
going to die

(1) Do you tell anyone/everyone you
are going to die?

- one person lang hehe...

(2) What do you do with your remaining

- see every single person i've wronged and i will ask for forgiveness. tapos the other remaining days i will spend with the people i love.

(3) Would you be afraid?

- of course, lahat ng tao takot mamatay.

5. You can have one of the following
two things: trust/love. Which do you

- trust. you trust someone you love, simple as that.

6. You are walking down the street on
your way to work. There is a dog
drowning in the canal on the side of
the street. Your boss has told you if
you are late even once more, you are
fired. Do you save the dog?

- i guess i would because i have a soft spot for animals. pano kung aso un ng boss ko e di utang na loob na niya sakin na niligtas ko ung aso niya. kung hindi man, e di malas ko hehe. kawawa naman ung aso.

7. You are unfaithful to your
spouse/significant other. Do you tell
him/her? Why or Why not?

- no because hopefully i won't get caught. pero loyal naman ako. sinagot ko lang ung tanong hahaha.

8. Your best friend confesses that
he/she has feelings for you more than
just friendship. He/she is falling in
love with you. What do you do/say?

- huwat?! joke lang hehe... if this bestfriend happens to be the guy i used to like and he happens to have these feeling for me pala all this time, i guess all i have to say is, "what took you so long?"

9. Think of the last person who you
know that died. You have the chance to
give them 1 hour of life back, but you
have to give one year of your life. do
you do it?

- yes..

10. Are you the kind of friend that
you would want to have as a friend?

-yes :D

(11:46 PM)

updating via laptop.HAHAHAHA POTANGINA ang yabang hahaha.

anyway, nagwawarm up lang ako. mamaya magreresearch nako para sa aking thesis proposal.................................................................................................

ang katotohanan diyan e gumagawa na ako. i just feel so drained right now. it's like i don't want to work at all. i have no other choice but to do this because this is where my future begins. one of these proposals could be my thesis, my ticket to the industry. i just can't believe im slacking off right now when i know very well that my future is at stake. im only on my second week of school and i've done nothing but mall hopped. i need five thesis proposals by tomorrow and it sucks right now that i can't think of anything decent to campaign. actually i have already thought of one and that is CCA (center for culinary arts philippines). naisip ko lang na if i do CCA, mageenjoy ako because it's the closest i can get to being involved in a culinary school.(unless we really do migrate to australia after graduation, baka pwede nako magculinary arts talaga.:P) anyway, might as well concentrate on this thing because i still have a half-page ad to design. crap, dumarating ang trabaho kapag tinatamad ka.

hoy martin hehe sweldo ko. joke lang hehe. may napili ba sa mga nagawa ko?

i miss you boyfriend. i miss you miss youuuuu.

(8:30 PM)