Saturday, May 12, 2007

i hate him for being so stupid. i mean, how could he possibly be jealous of someone who's a close family friend. well nevermind jealousy, what's more is annoying is that he asked me not to speak to mat anymore. WHAT? alam mo un, of all the people why him. he's the only person i can talk to about anything. sobrang wrong talaga. nakaka-asar. ang selfish niya. baket nakikipaglandian ba ako?hindi naman a. lekat sha! selfish talaga. tangina. buti sana kung nakikipaglandian ako e. tangena hindi naman e.

(7:52 PM)

The Three of Wands card reversed suggests that loss of cooperation, companionship, miscommunication, rejection or disappointment are possible if you are careless about details, are not realistic, lose patience or rely on outsiders to get your romantic message across. It could be that this relationship matter may not be in your best interest if things aren't developing the way that you hoped. You might find yourself happier if you say good-bye or move on rather than waiting around.

e hala ka diba. huleng-hule. naniniwala pa naman ako sa tarot card reading.

(5:52 PM)