Thursday, February 22, 2007

ewan. basta sikret muna. hehe huwala lang.

hayop ka ang landi mo.:P


the campaign is almost ready. all i have to do is to get the damn powerpoint done.kelangan ko din ng confidence men. huhuhu. katakot. can't foul this up. can't foul this up at all. i hope we don't get bad karma for being so selfish when it comes to inside information. in a world where competition is cut throat, kelangan maging wais. anyway, i do hope things turn out well for us. sayang, we put so much effort in this, ayokong mapunta lang sa wala. power team kame. kakayanin namin to.


tomorrow is cookie baking day. have to finish the powerpoint in the morning first, then the rest of the day is for cookie baking. have to give jet his token like i promised.should save some for the campaign as well. hahay puno nanaman ang araw ko.


the day's highlights:

and you make me feel like i have butterflies in my stomach.

sana maulit muli...yak. *confused*

it's not the lack of facilities, it's the system.

(10:43 PM)