Thursday, January 19, 2006

im gonna find you whatever it takes.

(10:22 PM)

i don't know if im still inlove with you...or if im just inlove with the fact that i think i still love you..i don't know.

im just reminded by what espi's experiencing right now. i don't want to be in the same situation. im not saying mat's not important anymore. he still is. it's just that, not seeing him as much as before makes me feel like we've drifted away from each other again. im not really sure. ewan it's also probably because i think he's having a great time with ciela and his other up friends kaya hindi ko narin iniisip kung naiisip pa ba niya ako. ewan ayoko nalang din umasa. o baka nakakita lang din ako ng iispatan ko araw araw. ok lang it's just fun feeling giddy once in a while. i actually enjoy admiring vince. wala lang, it's like admiring him from a far. e kasi naman hindi kami magkakilala. well he knows my name because we were introduced once (at ang akala ko e hanggang tingin nalang ako.) but it seems like he doesn't remember me anymore. gusto ko nga sana ngitian pero puga ang tigas naman ng mukha ko. pero ang pogi niya talaga hahahahahahahaha...hahahaha... okey tama na. hahaha.. pero un ampogi lang niya. ayun nainspire lang naman ako. ang pogi niya kase hahahaha huwahahaha. ayon. kaya lang he's a first year student majoring in industrial design... ok naren hahaha.. ayun and i learned he was a graduate of the ateneo hs. ayun naman pala. blue boy hehe... shet.hahaha ayun tama na. hahaha

im so bored. it's a good thing painkillers still work on me. just got over my migraine. o well gotta go watch jewel in the palace.

(10:01 PM)

i saw vince today. he's so cute!huhuhu he's too cute it makes me want to stop and just stare at him for all eternity.hahaha.hai whatever. first year yon. huhuhu but i can't help it! ah basta whatever.haha

(3:29 PM)