Sunday, May 06, 2007

livejournal is offering people to reclaim or reuse usernames that have been deleted. i was thinking of changing my username back to istaaar but sadly, i have to pay $15 to have my username back.

i tried to look at it this way, some things must be left in the past. istaaar was a part of myself that i chose to forget because i did a lot of things before that were irrational and selfish.......and i wrote about it under that name. marami talagang nangyari noon na ayoko nang maalala. immature days ko yun. when things didn't turn out the way i wanted them to, i cursed and whined and i cursed and i whined. ngayon, i curse nalang or minsan i whine nalang. hahaha.... pero i don't curse people anymore. anyway, im just glad na kahit binura ko ung lj ko na yun, i still have most of the people i talked about around me. they mean the world to me. bow! hehehehe... nakakamiss lang din. di ko na mabalikan ung entries, kasi binura ko na. asa multiply ata e, ewan hahalughugin ko pa siguro.

ampucha wala nakong load. tinawagan ko si boyfriend. tae kala ko madami pakong load. bwiset.

nag-umpisa nako maging chimay ngayon. hay.

(8:59 PM)