Wednesday, September 05, 2007

napapagod ako. kung alam mo lang. pinipilit kong intindihin ka pero minsan parang ikaw ang gumagawa ng bagay na kinalulungkot ko. di kita maasahan. puro nalang sorry pero pinapalungkot mo parin ako. because of you, sorry just becomes an overrated word. maarte din naman ako. can you blame me? im so god damn tired. andami kong ginagawa. pero kahit ganun ako, pag may hinihiling ka naman pinagbibigyan naman kita. bakit kelangan lagi nalang ako? waaaaah.

para matuwa naman ako, makapagsurvey nga.

1.Quick! Random song lyric?:
"did you know when you go it's the perfect ending to a bad day i was just beginning..."

2.What time were you born?
ewan ko.

3.Do you still have all your fingers?
of course haha

4.Have you been drunk this week?

5.What's the last thing you ate?

6.If you could hit someone right now
who would it be?
hmmm too many people to mention. hahaha joke lang.

7.Who do you miss right now?
boyfriend. asan na ang dating sha?

8.How do you feel at this very
annoyed, frantic, sad and emotional.YAK

9.What's the last movie you watched?
hp5 loser hahaha

10. When's the last time you had a
family dinner?

11.How long have you had a myspace?
i used to have one but i deleted it

12.What is your bestfriend's middle

13.What song are you listening to
right now?
wala. tv lang

14.If you could go back in time &
change one thing what would it be?
being so freaking paranoid

15.What was the worst moment of your

16.Do you want to get married?
hmm someday.

17.What's a song you listen
to everytime you're upset?
anything bouncy.

18.If you could pick any decade to go
back in time, what would it be?
err highschool, 90's kase gusto ko magaral ng mas mabuti hahaha

19.What are your plans for your next
magdedebut ulet 21 nako hahaha

20.If you could change anything about
yourself what would it be?
you kaparanoidan ko at yung pagiging matampuhin.huwat?!

21.When is the last time you cried?
ewan kaninang esthetics siguro. parang sobrang pagod nadepress ako tapos naluha nako.

22.What do you want to do
this weekend?
try to spend time with pam because it's her last week with us.

23.If you could be on any tv show
what would it be?
hmm... ewan as long as it's a kapamilya station. awooooh.

24.Anything else you want to say?
napapagod ako.

(9:32 PM)

did you know when you go it's the perfect ending to the bad day i was just beginning?

grabe. this week is so close to hell. it's only wednesday and i down to my last 200 pesos. jusme aabot ba ako sa friday?

if there is an award for the worst boyfriend, he would have gotten a truckload of trophies. yeah i know all i do is whine and whine and whine. (and for all i know ako din pala ang worst para sa kanya. haha.) eh. naiinis lang ako because he has this thing for asking me to do stuff for him which most of the time i do naman. ang kaso, when it's me who asks him to do stuff for me, he makes some kind of lousy excuse to get out of it. alam ko kanina gumagawa siya talaga ng survey for his thesis. parang nainis lang ako kasi nagpapasama ako magsurvey sa kanya pero di niya ako sinamahan, dahil nga sa survey niya. ok naman sakin un e. naiinis lang ako dun sa fact na the other day, he completely ruined my sked by asking me to accompany him to the library which i did naman wholeheartedly. basta super nasira sked ko kasi mag-aayos pako sa exhibit tapos kelangan ko shang unahin muna kasi sha yun e. life is really not fair. ako naman i would do anything to help him out e. it sucks that sometimes i need him to be there for me and he just isn't. this is really not working for the both of us. he doesn't make me happy and i don't think he will even try to. well he used to. i guess things are different now. love really isn't lovelier the second time around. like they said, you can always light a cigarette twice but it doesn't taste quite the same. anyho, im still trying to be optimistic despite everything.

but it doesn't change the fact that i am still pissed at him for being insensitive. kaya mas gusto ko nang magshota ng babae e. buti pa ang babae maiintindihan ang kapwa babae. hay ewan.

ewan ka. EWAN TALAGA! tamo, initials ng Ewan Talaga ET. parang Eric Tayag. bwisit na boypren.

(5:21 PM)