Saturday, February 17, 2007

for the first time in a few days i get to sleep for more than 8 hours. jusme, it's not easy being a fine arts student and it's not easy being a good friend at the same time. (will talk about the latter later) anyway, im just relieved that i don't have classes today and our campaign presentation was moved for one more week. well at least i get to prepare more. i really want to ace this. sayang e, i didn't do so well in the prelims test. not that i failed or anything, just not contented with what i got.

and yes he is now online. wala lang. yesterday i realized that no matter how hard i try, he really doesn't like me. nakakatawang maipamukha sayo na di ka talaga niya gusto kahit magbihis tao ka pa. anyway, i've had it with wanting to make him notice me all the time when i know for a fact that he never will. the feeling has ended last night.:(

naisip ko lang, it's fun din pala to dress up sometimes. im a t-shirt jeans sneakers person. as much as possible, i would like to keep it simple. ay minsan tsinelas person din ako, which reminds me a have to buy a new pair because my slippers are all worn out. must save up for a pair of havaiianas. need to have durable slippers. anyway, (the third anyway of this entry.labo mehn.) masaya lang magbihis once in a while. people realize na you look good din pala pagbihis ka. wala lang im referring to a particular person pero chaka lang hehe. kelangan pa itext sakin na i looked good last night. pfft.. hahaha kinilig amputa. haha:P

wala naguluhan lang ako kase somebody's at it again. nagpaparamdam nanaman amputa. humawak pa sa balikat ko. oo na nakasleeveless nako kahapon. i actually looked like an eastwood party girl yesterday.nakatsinelas lang hehehe.:P


it's so hard to work on schoolwork and be a friend at the same time. nakakainis lang. parang nagddrift away nako kasi di ko na sila matancha. i have this thing for being too paranoid about friends talking behind my back. i know it's stupid pero wala akong magawa. i don't like people whispering behind my back. i was never used to these kind of things because from what i remember, my highschool friends where never like this. when we have problems with each other, we talk about it. ewan ko. paranoid lang siguro ako. i just hope these odd feelings don't affect the way i present our campaign.


nothing's gonna stop us now? hehe.:P

(1:18 PM)