Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it's sad when people make you feel they already have a life of their own and then you suddenly get pushed to the sidelines...chaka lang.

my summer is starting to get boring. glad i was able to spend the afternoon with mat, though i did the usual waiting... after he finished his errands, we ate at a japanese restaurant. sarap mehn. wala lang, it's been a while since i ate out with someone who's not blood related. life has been pretty much boring, tragic and problematic. i thought the stress was going to end after the last day of school. apparently, it extended its run til the start of next sem. sobrang crappy lang. we really don't have the worst problems on earth. ung problema namin, medium sized pero recurring. i'd rather have one huge problem that gets solved immediately than have a small problem that takes weeks, months or years to fix. ewan, sometimes i think we're luckier than the others. siguro nga lucky pa rin kami. sabi nga nila, it happens to the best of us. (chaka best kami.HAHAHA)

enjoy parin kasama si mat forever. YIHEE FLATTERED! hahaha. matagal tagal din akong di natatawa sa humor niya. ewan bumebenta parin sakin ung mga pinagsasabi niya.(sige magpapanggap ako na di niya mababasa to.bwahaha) wala lang. sosyal siya ang may sagot nng pagkain.(food's good dear.thanks! sa uulitin!:D) ok lang tagtipid din ako kahit may datung ako na kapurit hehe. buti nalang nag-aya sha kundi napakadead kid ng maghapon ko. magmamarathon sana ko ng grey's anatomy. asa episode 8 season 1 palang ako kasi naka'y anna ung season 2. i love it i love it!

sa wakas e nagparamdam din sha. magaalboroto nako kase wala manlang happy easter. somehow, when i talk about him, it sounds like im trying to convince myself that he's a nice person. it shouldn't be that way because he really is nice. he just doesn't look as nice.(gago hahaha.)anyway, im not really vocal with my feelings but yes, i do miss him. keber. o cge na. maging sino ka man na. lumelevel up na! hahaha:P

(8:48 PM)