Sunday, July 22, 2007

pucha parang ayoko na tlga. asa kanya ang control ngayon. he just asked for more time apart so that he can realize things and think it over. he wants to realize daw na mahal talaga niya ako. eh? ok. sure daw sha na mamimiss niya ako. ewan pota ang gulo. ayoko ng ganito punyeta gusto ko na ng bagong textmate.

mahal ko naman sha e. it's just that things are really not going well right now and i really don't like the way im feeling. it's like, we're not together but we still are. i really think the "cool off" thing is stupid. it doesn't make sense. wag daw muna kami magkita pero dapat we're still good.what? how is that even possible? you don't want us to be together but we're still on? duh. i really didn't say much when he said this. i just said if that's what he wants well then, that's okay with me narin. basta nakakainis. i felt like saying na gusto ko na makipagbreak pero something's stopping me kaya di ko narin not going to lie. i miss him very much pero if he feels confused parin, im not going to force it. naisip ko nga, i will never ever beg him to love me. i see myself demanding to be loved but never begging to be loved. kung ayaw niya muna sige ok lang. ayoko ng ganito. parang tanga lang e.

i want to be hot, single and available again.

(11:01 PM)