Wednesday, January 03, 2007

crap. im hungry. tinamad lang tlga ko magdinner dahil pagod ako sa biyahe.

kaya ko naman palang mabuhay nang di sha tinitgnan o kinakausap e. bakit pako magiinarte. pucha ayoko na talaga. the fact that i exist doesn't even bother him one bit, so why should i care? life is going to be a lot simpler kung ieeliminate ko ung fondness ko para sakanya.

i think i've spent half of my life thinking about nonsense when i could've just used up my brain cells on things related to school. i would've been a greater person if i stopped spending time on people who never actually appreciated my worth and my existence. ewan ko. i was that confident person til that day i realized that the boys i liked made me feel inferior. anyway, i still have the rest of my life to prove to all of them that im worth something. go ahead. bring it on!

mosquitoes have been biting the hell out of me. one of these days madedengue na siguro ako. i always expect the worst. im sorry but i've become a pessimist after all these years of being disappointed, frustrated and betrayed. im trying to be sunny though. malay natin, things might eventually turn out well for me. there's a rainbow always after the rain nga...

sino na nga ba ang "apple of my eye" ko? wala na nagsawa na kasi ako dun sa "apo of my eye" ko e. tae. yung susunod na taong magugustuhan ko tlga kelangan meron shang damdamin at marunong magpahalaga sa mga taong may halaga.

o cge. meme na me. antok na me e.

tanginang yan.

(11:31 PM)