Wednesday, December 21, 2005

last night david called to say his gift was on its way, and i was asking him, why are you so nice to me? and he said well, "we're friends for life... on some level." wtf does THAT mean, haha

after that i texted kutch and said, this is karma for me choosing to just be friends with you; look at what david did. even mat went "well i thought about it a couple of years ago but i decided i didn't want to mess things up between us and i'd rather we're best friends" then pretty much stopped talking to me after i said "well i never thought i was more to you than all the girls running after you," (david had to go and point it out after i said i had had that big argument at FA), "and i don't want to be just another girl hanging off your arm."

greeeeeaaaat them's fighting words! so can i blame him for shutting up.
kutch texted back, "let's just say you'll always be special. you need a drink." yay.

this is a text message forwarded to me that i hate the most, yet i insist on keeping it for some reason:
friendship is the sweetest form of love
so when i say i'll be your friend til the end,
it's as good as saying
i'll keep you in my heart til its very last beat.

wt effin f? i still don't get it whether the guy is saying
a. i'm torpe
b. face it sister, you ain't getting anything more from me

this morning i was looking at the carnage in my room after i tore everything up looking for the laser printer cable. then i started reading old letters from david. at least i didn't cry, eh.

does anyone even read this?

-darling i do...:P

im not mean...mat just asked me to save it...i got the juicy parts lang naman e..

(2:08 PM)

paskuhan was okay...i swear the fireworks display was worth it...too bad "always late mat" missed it...siraulo...kakaasar...i wanted to strangle him when i finally saw him...nako naman kase ang aga niya tlga..parang nung nagstart na yung fireworks lahat ng tao nagkumpulan..people were like, in not stressing out something about him being there with me at that time...basta haha..i sound defensive, don't i?) o yun even my brother and his gf were sweetie sweetie..and im with my shitty brother rico...:S whatever basta un...when he came nilait lang niya ung mga float ng ust... (ok lang at least i know i did not work on anything...sabi na maganda pa ung ginawa ng batch namin last year hehehe...;P) hahaha....then we ate at mr kabab along qave which was not so bad, except i couldn't eat because i was too shy...WHY?! when im with mat i can't eat...ewan for some reason i don't know nahihiya lang ako...and then we took pictures again(the camwhores that we are..)...first time! we took picture at that island in front of mr kabab...wala lang ang astig although it stinks kasi siguro ung mga adik na tambay dun iniihian yon..bsta yak...e yun..pero the pictures were nice..posting it errr later? i had fun!hehehe's so hard to elaborate..thank god for blogspot..hihi..

i am overwhelemed by all the info i find the same time i am...ahemmm secret hahaha...e wala lang basta secret lang...this year is really funny...the information keeps on coming....god is good..and funny too...hahaha labo..bsta natatawa lang ako sa mga nalalaman ko..i don't know if it's supposed to help me...but i still think it's funny..ay ewan...
i just found out corey likes mat..oh come on....i feel weirded out(is there a thing such as that?)..why? because i was always open to her that i liked mat very much and i'd do anything for him and other shit...tapos un...gusto rin pala niya..wala not mad or anything..i just find it funny...for some reason i think she hates me,the pictures and all.. maybe not hate...maybe she just feels weird? or maybe not she's a lot older than me...baka wala lang un...and it's ok to like mat...sheesh everybody like mat...[but then if she's looking for a fuck buddy, erms not mat please...i think mat's not that kind of person...or so i choose to believe...@_@]

haha..honestly im happy when im with mat pero im not after him anymore..i still like him but that does not mean im out to get him parin...oi excuse me i think i've earned my pride back...excuse me just waiting..di na ako hayok na hayok...wala lang e kasi he's always there when i want to be with him..maybe not all the time but at least he tries to be there..i could not ask for more...BUT MAYBE I COULD hahahaha...but not now...there's too much school work to think about..and besides he's attempting to look for that lasalle girl he saw sa jeep...e goodluck kung mahanap niya...but then magic might work somehow...hehehe pero i wish him well...

if he was meant for me, we will be brought together...and i should expect the world from that...because i know i cannot wish for something without conviction...

i just know our pictures look good...hahaha


on a lighter note..a much lighter note..oola is nice to me again...acting very nice to see me...ok lang..i have nothing bad to say...


im a martha stewart in the making....

the best things in life are free...

(12:03 PM)