Sunday, January 08, 2006

i've been wanting to talk about this maybe two days ago but i was not in the mood the write about it so here...

the past two days have been extremely complicated for me. mat and i fought again but this time it's his fault. the reason is just plain stupid. he thinks i believe every single word deng said and that i appreciate deng's concern and not his. yeah watever mat. if there was one person who's concern i would value so much, it has to be mat. [after my family of course.:P]

i was so pissed i messaged him right away when i got home. i wouldn't have done so if he has replied to my text messages in the first place. the problem with mat is, when he's upset, he doesn't reply anymore. that's very inconsiderate. bwisit tlaga. anyway i just went out of my way to express my disappointment and my anger. after all that fight with him actually ruined my day. so i guess i just mustered enough courage to actually say what i feel at un na. it probably hit him na i was mad kaya humingi din sha ng dispensa[which was good because it's rather surprising he accepted his mistake] pero nung umaga na yun kaya ok narin.

err he actually said some stuff that makes me giddy somehow..hihi i don't want to write it down.for once im just saving it in my phone.:)

fine whatever.i eat my pride all the time.getting used to it.

ang sakit ng pasa ko.:(

(11:35 PM)