Thursday, March 08, 2007

actually im really sleepy. i slept at 4am because i was attempting to learn flash in just one night. mahirap pala talaga. ewan ko. somehow, we'll figure this out.

i have so much to do. grabeh solid talaga.naloloka nako. buti nalang tapos nako sa powerpoint ko sa pro eth. eksayting yon mehn. now, all i have to do is:

1. photo (product shots, portrait, conceptual art)
2. image board for fashion: modernize another country's national costume
3. photoshop layout of a nips display counter
4. finish texturing for LP
5. work on LP
6. do powerpoint for psych(urgent)

grabe, siguro mga apat dyan kelangan tapos na by tuesday.parang tanga lang. goodluck sakin.

is it me or the new PBB housemates are starting to get really annoying? sobrang inaantok nako.trying to keep myself awake but it seems like i will have to sleep now or else i will be late for the chalkfest tomorrow. i do hope i get paid broke.

i miss you. (even if you don't deserve all.)

(10:36 PM)