Thursday, April 19, 2007



1. You hung out with?
~ ze boyfriend.

2. You texted?
~ ze boyfriend again...

3. You were in a car with?
~ a group of strangers

4. Went to the movies with?
~ boypren hehe

5. Went to the mall with?
~ boypren parin. mukha nakong boypren

6.You talked on the phone to?
~ My mom

7. You kissed?
~ ay. haha see entry below.

8. Made you laugh?
~ boypren parin


1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
~ tongue

2. Be serious or be funny?
~ funneh

3. Drink liquor or smoke green?
~ liquor naaaa mehn

4. Die in a fire or get shot?
~ get shot nalang. ayoko ng slow death

5. Spend time with your parents or
your enemies?
~ hellur parents shempre


1. Sun or moon?
~ sun

2. Winter or Fall?
~ winter para may if. hahaha pwede den fall para cute.hahaha whatever.

3. Left or right?

4. Sunny or rainy?
~ rainy para madrama. hahahaha

6. Where do you live?
~ QC

7. How many kids do you want?
~2 lang. one boy one girl.

8. Do you want to get married?
~ yes but i don't really believe in marriage.i will get married for the sake of getting married.

9. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut
~ Twirl

10. Have you ever eaten sushi?
~ yes

12. How many kinds of cereal are in
your cabinet?
~ none. we don't eat cereals anymore

13. Do you cook?
~ yes

14. Current mood?
~ happy. :)


1. Kissed someone?
~ Yes. ata. hahaha

2. Sang?
~ Yes :) 24/7 you like?

3. Been hugged?
~ Yes :)

4. Missed someone?
~ Yes :(

5. Danced crazy?
~ yes 24/7 as well hahahahahaha hot stuff baby.

6. Cried?
~ tagal na e. ay kahapon pala dahil kay bruce hahaha

7. Lied?
~ Yes. i have to.

8. Loved someone you can't have?
~ hahaha. sikret.

(5:42 PM)

---T.h.e. W.h.o.s.---

Who are you thinking about now?:
** him.eeeeh...

Who did you last talk to on the
** my mom.

Who's house did you last go to?:
** mine.just mine.

Who do you sit next to in your 2nd
** hmm.can't remember. iba-iba

Who's birthday is next?:
** mine.yiiiiiih hehehe

Who was the last person you told you
love them?
** eeeeh. hahaha

Who's your favorite relative?:
** hmm... kuya ed who's in the states right now.

Who do you hope will take this
** just bored. i don't care

What was the last thing you ate?:
** kfc hotshots.

What was the last thing you drank?:
** pepsi woooh.softdrinks.

What color pants are you wearing?:
** maong na punit punit.color ba yun.haha

What kind of cell phone do you have?:
** trusty 6600.

What is the closest item near you that
is blue?:
** my shorts

What are you wearing on your feet?:
** nothing

What instant messaging service do you
** YM

What is your favorite color/s?:
** pink and yellow

What is your screen name?:
* dati sa mirc eefy. hahahaha

What is your most used away message?:
** hmm.busy.HAHAHA

What is your favorite website?:
** multiply and blogspot

What is the last movie you watched?:
** wild hogs

What song do you currently hear?:
** perhaps love

---T.h.e. W.h.e.r.e.s.---

Where is your phone?:
** somewhere on the table

Where are your parents?
** both are in the office right now

Where do you sleep?:
** hopefully tonight, on my bed because im starting to have back problems again

Where do you shop the most?:
** sm is the place to be

Where did you get the shirt you're
** college shirt for my college. whatever hehehe

Where did you last take a car ride to?
** car ride ba yung fx.kung ganun sa smf lang.

Where in your house are you?:
** my brothers' room

---T.h.e. W.h.e.n.s---

When is your birthday?:
** tomorrow hehe

When did you last go to the mall?:
** a few hours ago. dumedeyt hahaha.

When did you last burn a candle?
** nung huli akong tumae ng mabaho. trust me it works.

When did you last see your dad?:
** this morning

---T.h.e. W.h.y.s---

Why does basically half the world have
a Myspace?:
** i don't know and i don't care

Why do we have to go to school?:
** to become accomplished individuals

Why did you take this particular
** im so bored and my brain just can't stop thinking right now.

(5:24 PM)

yesterday, we had our first *ehem* date. we had lunch first with alfred, jet and bal at mcdo ust. ok naman. kind of embracing this girlfriend-hanging-out-with-boyfriend's-friends-thing. ok naman sila alfred dahil friends na kami even before maging kami. sobrang laughtrip nila kasama kahit mababaw ung pinagtatawanan. anyway, dumeretso kami ng gateway after para manood ng wild hogs. it was really funny. knowing me, skwater tumawa ever. mushy-han sha ever. hahaha. basta i was sort of feeling something was going to happen but for some reason, it didn't and im not upset but im also not happy. ang weird basta sikret hahaha. anyway, we went out again today and it almost happened.

ok fine. he tried to kiss me on the lips. smack lang naman pero nagulat ako kasi nung una sa cheeks lang, ampucha gulat ako nung kikiss ko lang sa pisngi para mag-goodbye bumiglang nagda moves tapos involuntarily lumayo ako. as in wah okay manang ako forever pero pucha talaga nakakatawa. parang ako, "aaaaaaaaaaah dumidiskarte ka a!" tae pwede na itala talaga sa mga libro tong pangyayaring to. dammit, im telling this story as if it's only for my eyes to read, but it's really weird. lumalaban parin ung inner manang ko. hahahaha. i don't know. it was just so weird. i was like subconsciously waiting for it to happen that when it happened, i didn't realize i was going to move away to the point that it became awkward and now i can't stop talking because i feel embarrassed that i just moved away when all i had to do was to stay put and let it happen and not to embarrass him and now it feels all awkward and he's not texting me because he probably feels weird that i moved away because im probably not ready yet and im feel like im such a baby. whew. wala lang. shet wala lang talaga. im going to be thinking about this for the rest of the day.

anyway, mejo at ease na din ako sa kanya. basta. ung ibang details next time nalang. hehe.

(4:31 PM)