Thursday, August 09, 2007

60 honest questions
If you're not going to be honest,
don't take this survey.

1. Who is the last person you held
hands with?
* secret hehe. espino yiiih

2. If you were drafted into a war,
would you survive?
* no haha

3. Do you sleep with the TV on?

4.Have you ever drank milk straight
out of the carton?
* no

5. Have you ever won a spelling bee?
* no. na-out ako nung pinaspell sakin ung pencil. nilagyan ko kasi ng E sa dulo. haha

7. Are you a fast typer?
* ok lang

8. Are you afraid of the dark?
* yes hehe

10. Who can you always turn to?
* god, family, friends

11. When is the last time you chose a
bath over a shower?
* pag taglamig tulad kanina

12. Do you knock on wood?
* yes

13. Are you drinking anything right
* no

17. What do you want for Christmas?
* all i want for christmas is you.

18. Do you know the muffin man?
* yes

19. Do you talk in your sleep?
* no

21. Have you ever flown a kite?
* yes im a boy

22. When was the last time you went
swimming and where?
* last summer

24. How many people are on your
contact list of your cell phone?
*i have no idea

25. Have you ever asked for a horse?
*i asked for a pony. humingi pa nga ako ng shark e.

26. Plans for tomorrow?
* thesis

27. What's your middle name? and why?
* capinpin, thank you lolo

28. Missing something right now?
* missing as in nawawala o missing as in missing someone?

29. When was the last time you told
someone you loved them?
* yesterday

30. Where are questions 31-33?
* malay. ay ayun kasunod haha

31. Are you comfortable with your
* no

* !#$#%%@^%&#%&^$$%@$#

33. Is there a TV show you always
watch? What is it?
* the buzz

34. What are you looking forward to?
* graduation

35. Have you ever crawled through a
* no

36. Have you ever eaten dog food?
* hell no

38. Can you handle the truth?
* NO

39. Have you ever eaten green eggs and
* no

40. What are 3 things you always bring
with you to places?
* money, phone, me

41. Any cool scars?
* wala no

42. Do you like or have a crush on
* always

45. How often do you talk on the phone?
* everyday?

46. Do you believe in love?
* i used to

47. Is there something you want but
can't have?
* a whole lot

48. Four things about the preferred
sex that you first notice(physically)?

49. Who are you thinking of right now?
* happy birthday

50. Who did you hug last?

52. Where is your phone?
* beside

53. What was the last thing you ate?
* atay

54. Orange or blue?
* orange

55. Last movie you watched?
* hp5

56. What song are you currently
listening to?
* kanina bartender

57. What do you want?
* to finish my thesis!

58. Who was the last person you ate
* hey momma, pops and babsy

59. last person you texted:
* bngshop

60. Who was the last person(s) you
hung out with at your house?
* pampot

(10:56 PM)

wala lang kausap ko lang si jet a few minutes ago. he started asking me about ex boyfriend and told me he misses me and he knows that he's at fault. sabi ko naman, masama talaga loob ko kasi kami na ganun parin sha. parang di niya ako minahal. ok then because of a sudden twist of fate, anak ng kamote magkatabi pala sila kasi si jet at si tayag magkadorm na. pero parang naiiyak nanaman ako kanina. ang sakit sa dibdib. pero pinigil ko kaya lalong mas masakit sa dibdib. hay.

love me like the first time.

(10:13 PM)

happy birthday to you. hope you have more birthdays to come. god bless. i used to love you.

therapy pala ang maglinis ng banyo ano. pag nadedepress ka, maglinis ka ng banyo, lalo na sa araw ng birthday ng ex-boyfriend mo.

and it breaks my hahahahaheart.

thank you pam for visiting me today. if it weren't for you, i would probably be bawling right now.okay i will now cook rice for my family. crap to all the men who break women's hearts. you don't deserve to live, you lowly scumbags.

i never loved nobody fully. always one foot on the ground.

i got lost in the sounds i hear in my mind.

(6:13 PM)