Monday, June 04, 2007


yes muse!

today, i spent the whole afternoon with maan. there are things that i should've known but it just sucks to feel like i was the last to know. well almost. anyway, im just glad that somehow, i made her feel i was there for her. yes, we had our differences pero naresolve naman namin yun and right now, all she needs is for us to be there for her. masaya lang ako at kahit papano e andito lang ako para sa kanya.

i've seen 28 weeks later without watching 28 days later. it sure was scary. i actually wanted to see it at a movie house. im glad i didn't. baka magskandalo lang ako. it was really gross. mukhang matagal tagal akong di kakain ng ketchup neto. basta.

i am really really annoyed right now. yes yes even if the job is done. my mom is the representation of the worst client i can ever have. she asks me to edit so many things. i really don't mind if she asks me to edit these "many" things at one go. the problem is, she asks me to edit them one by one, day after day. today she realized, she wanted to edit once more. it has been 4 nights and 4 burnt cds. right now, i have just finished burning the 5th one. it sucks really. what a waste of cds. i guess this is a sign that i should become more patient because my future job requires me to do so. sigh. the feeling sucks right now.

and i have zits again. shet. i need my soap...derma soap! huhuhu

mahal kaya niya talaga ako?



Your FIRST two names:
>> margarita capinpin

FIRST thing na ginawa mo nang magising:
>> checked my goodmorning text hehehe

FIRST thing na inisip mo nang magising:
>> inaantok pako

FIRST na tao na inisip mo pagkagising:
>> siya

FIRST na sinabi mo nang magising ka:
>> sleep.

FIRST song na narinig mo ng magising
>> nakalimutan ko na e.

FIRST na hinawakan mo nang magising ka:
>> phone

FIRST thing na tinitingnan mo sa
>> face? haha

FIRST thing na hinahanap mo sa
>> kung kaya niyang magsustain ng isang good conversation

FIRST thing na nakakaturn-off para sayo
sa guy/girl:
>> feeling

FIRST thing na gusto mo sa isang tao:
>> abilidad haha

FIRST thing na ayaw mo sa isang tao:
>> plastic

FIRST thing na gusto mo sa sarili mo:
>> can't think of any particular thing

FIRST thing na ayaw mo sa sarili mo:
>> skin problems.LABO HAHAHA

FIRST time na nakausap mo crush mo:
>> nagstutter siguro ako

BEST movie you watched:
>> pirates!

LAST tv show you watched:

LAST song you heard:
>> pbb song

LAST thing you bought:
>> coke

LAST food you ate:
>> beef mechado

LAST thing you wore?
>> pink pajamas

LAST time you went out:
>> i cannot remember. last week siguro. enrollment day

LAST na ginawa mo d time u went out:
>> bought something hahaha

LAST thing you said to yourself:

LAST person who texted u:
>> maanbeibe

LAST person you texted:
>> maanbeibe

LAST person na nakaaway mo:
>> si tayag

LAST time you saw your bestfriend/s:
>> kanina lang

LAST time you drank:
>> two weeks ago

LAST alcoholic beverage you had:
>> flavored lambanog

LAST thing you'll do before sleeping
>> bathe

(11:24 PM)