Sunday, September 02, 2007

bago ang lahat. let me introduce to you, Maita Hathaway.

hahaha oo na para akong gago. in fairness naman pag binuntis ko si anna hathaway eto ichura ng magiging anak naming babae.hwahahaha. hay..

im so bored. i have stuff lined up to do but it's not something i can do in an instant. i have to distribute my surveys as soon as possible. nakakaloka. by thursday, they have to be tallied. this is what i get for working on textile design first. huhu.

did i make a mistake? you tell me.. im hoping and praying things turn out better this time. ano ba yan, malapit ka na mafoul out. ako naman, saksakan ng tanga. hay.

(9:54 PM)