Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Devil card reversed suggests that if you are being affected or influenced by hang-ups or dysfunctions, it may be time to confront them. Take a chance in order to claim control over your own happiness, for wearing a mask or denying what might be interfering with your relationship or love life is not be working for you anymore. This could be a sign that it is time to break free.

this is tarot card for today. i don't want to think about it but it's kind of mind boggling, isn't it?

more stuff associated to boredom:

1)What do you think of ligaw?
~ i don't believe in courtship, at all. sa ligawan, best foot forward yan parati e so you really don't get to know the person entirely because all he all he has to do is to try to impress you.

2.Do you believe that friends can be
lovers, but past lovers can never be
- yes

3.Do you believe that you can learn to
love someone kahit hindi mo talaga sya
- i think so, if that person knows how to take care of you well.

4.Who is your ideal partner?
- actually, i already realized that there's no ideal partner....but if there was... i would want someone who's mature and knows how to treat a woman well. i want someone who knows what he wants in life. sasabihin ko na sanang di niya kelangan maging goodlooking pero lets face it, pag galit ka, madali bang patawarin yung partner mo pag di sha cute.SALBAHE HAHAHAHAHA...

5.Have you met your soulmate?
- i don't know yet.

6.Is it true na ang love nawawala o
nababawasan lang?
- e hindi ko alam. hehehe

7.Have you really let go of someone? ~
-no. crap.

8.Are you always serious when it comes
to relationships?
- i can't tell yet.

9.Which one do you prefer, friendship
or relationship?
- Friendship nalang

~ it's better to have him as a friend than not to have him at all.

11.Have you fallen in love with your
- haha no comment.

12.Have you fallen in love with someone
you regret on loving?
- so far, no

13.If yes, why do you regret?
~ no nga e

14.Are you in a serious/fling
relationship right now or just plain
- im in a relationship but im not sure if it's serious or not.

15.Are you a player?
- hell no.

16.Are you serious with your
- inulit na ba to?

17.Are you a martyr?
- i was.

18.Do you believe in marriage first
before living in or vice-versa?
- LIVE IN! hahahaha. pwede ka pang umatras sa live in, sa kasal hindi. ngayon ko lang naisip yan, but when i do decide to get married, i want it to last forever and i want that person to be the last person i will ever love.

~ andun na sa taas.

20.Are you going to say 'yes' or
a 'no,no,no' sa live in?
- haha yes nga e

21.Do you look ahead to your future?
- i don't want to because it scares me

22.Why do you think most relationships
dont last?
- incompatibility, not being able to forget the last person you loved hahaha and immaturity

23.Do you really think love can conquer
- love can't feed an empty stomach

24.Do you want to love again?
- nagmamahal nako.HAHA

25.Are you falling in love with someone
ryt now?
- onga sige na

(8:45 PM)