Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1. Real name: Margarita Capinpin Salvador

2. Nickname: gari, maita, garita

3. Status: in a relationship. chorva ahahaha.:P

4. Zodiac sign: taurus

5. Male or Female: female pretending to be a boy

6. Elementary: holy family school

7. Highschool: school of the holy spirit. holy na holy!

8. College: UST

9. Hair color: black

10. Long or short: semi-long hehe

11. Are you health freak? no

12. Height: 5'.5 hahaha

13. Do you like someone: i guess.haha

14. Do you like yourself: pwede na

15. Piercings: ears

16. Tattoos: wala

17. Righty or lefty: righty

18. First surgery: appendectomy

19. First piercing: ears

20. First best friend: si carmela something. hehe

21. First award: leadership award ata.

22. First sport you joined: shems. ewan ko, volleyball siguro

23. First pet: ung akin lang? si action man may trusty tortol.

24. First vacation: hmm... baguio?

25. First concert: eraserheads ata tapos may mga singing priests hahaha

36. First crush: si aldrin pero boyfriend ko ang pangalan randwell nung nursery.HAHAHA makati amp.


27. Eating: nothing...

28. Drinking: wala

29. I'm about: to decide whether i should go to that job interview tomorrow.

30. Waiting for: i don't know what. magtext sha?

31. Want kids?: oo pag yumaman nako.

32. Want to get married?: of course.

33. Careers in mind?: advertising pero pwede ren sa fashion design, chaka! hahaha or sa culinary arts


34. Lips or eyes: EYES

35. Hugs or kisses: hugs hahaha pucha wala naman akong muwang sa kisses.HAHAHA

36. Shorter or taller: taller!

37. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous

38. Nice stomach or nice arms: nice stomach

39. Sensitive or loud: loud nalang

40. Hook-up or relationship: relationship

41. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant


42. Kissed a stranger: no

43. Drank bubbles: nge

44. Lost glasses/contacts: i don't wear glasses

45. Ran away from home: tried to, naisip ko magugutom ako pag ginawa ko un kaya di ko na tinuloy

46. Broken someone's heart: meron ba?

47. Been arrested: no

48. Turned someone down: ata

49. Cried when someone died: oo

50. Liked a friend: HA!...>:)


51. Yourself: not so.

52. Miracles: yes

53. Love at first sight: no

54. Heaven: yes

55. Santa claus: ndi na. nahule ko na e

56. Sex on the first date: no. malandi ka kung ganon haha.

57. Kiss on the first date: pwede cguro depende kung ok ung kadate mo


58. Is there one person you want to be with right now? but of course

59. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? haha pang-una ko palang manonorotot nako

60. Do you believe in God? yes

(4:42 PM)