Thursday, May 17, 2007

i realized how much my life sucks right now while eating a bowl of pasta alfredo i cooked two days ago. just when i thought life was getting better because i already have a laptop to use for my thesis this year, everything is just starting to be complicated around here. my schizo tita is wreaking havoc in the household. she has become this excessively paranoid person who thinks she can't trust anybody, not even her family. it sucks because just when we were rejoicing over the fact that our maid is not leaving anymore, schizo tita causes trouble by terrorizing the maid.(the same way she terrorized ate abs.) naiinis lang ako because im sick of putting up with her. today, i realized how mad i am. i woke up early this morning because my mom was crying while saying she doesn't know what to do with her anymore. kamon. how are you supposed to deal with someone who's mentally impaired? diba? people think it just takes patience and a little understanding to deal with this. if you were in our shoes, you will know how hard it is to deal with her. she needs help but she just won't admit that she's sick. well what do you expect.

sakin, di bale na iniisip niya na kami ung nagcoconnive against her. (as in me, kuya, coco and papa) but for her to think that she can't trust my mom, her very own sister, is just stupid. how could you not trust your own sister, lalo na if you're living in her house, along with her family who puts up with your shit. nakakainis lang. ang hirap magtiyaga. ang hirap hirap. ang hiraaaaaaaaap.huhuhu.

glad im spending the afternoon with pam tomorrow. it helps to get out once in a while. buti nalang may pera ako at buti nalang libre si pam. oh my lord talaga ung buhay namin ngayon.

it sucks to wake up every morning, hearing your mom and your aunt screaming at each other. nothing is worse than waking up to two fighting old women.

(6:59 PM)

1.ano ang kuLay ng schoolbag mo?
* b/w

2.ano ang kuLay ng uniform mo?
* white na may stripes na maroon and green with black slacks

3.ano ang kuLay na naiisip mo kapag
nakikita mo ang crush mo?
* ung isa black kasi favorite color niya un

4.ano ang kuLay ng notebook mo sa
* isa lang notebook ko sa lahat at green ang kulay non

5.ano ang kuLay na suot ng teachers
nio pag monday?
* malay ko naman.

6.ano ang kuLay ng sukLay mo?
* blue green

7.ang kuLay ng cover ng pinakapaborito
mong libro?
* pink and white

8.ano ang kuLay ng shirt na suot mo
* stripes na light and dark blue

9.ang kuLay ng pinakahuLing hinawakan
mong baLLpen?
* black ata yun e

10.ano ang kuLay
ng pinakapaborito mong shirt?
* green ata

11.ang kuLay ng toenaiLs mo ngayon?
* yellowish.HAHAHA di ko alam kung sa dumi or what.

12.ano ang kuLay ng casing ng
ceLLphone mo
* gray e yun lang naman pwede e

13.ano ang kuLay ng toothbrush mo?
* orange

14.ang kuLay ng toweL mo?
* red

15.ano ang kuLay ng sabon na ginagamit
* green

16. anong kulay ang naiicp moh pag
galit kah?
* red. nag-aalab sa galit e.HAHAHA

17.ano ang kuLay ng pinakapaborito
mong pantuLog?
* blue

18.ano ang kuLay ng suot mo nung
pinakahuLing birthday mo?
* white e

19.ano ang kuLay ng paborito mong
* yellow

20.ano ang kuLay ng pag-ibig para sa
* ewan ko. hehe di ako makakita ng kulay sa pag-ibig ko ngayon.

21.ano ang kuLay ng mundo para sa iyo?
* di ko alam. ngayon wala dahil nag-aamok ako.

* pink and yellow.

(5:06 PM)