Friday, December 09, 2005

it's a good thing lyon and i had a talk today..actually nakapag-isip nako...yeah maybe if i think about this too much i will end up being the's not my loss anyway..and if that darned maan did what she did because it makes her happy, fine then, it's her not going to belittle myself just because of what she did..

or if she doesn't have a clue of how bad i felt during the past few days, maybe we can talk about it and we'll see how it turns out..i just don't want to be bothered by this anymore because some people are starting to get sick of my ranting....haha...salamat nalang sa umintindi sakin...i should stop thinking about this because this is probably not the last time that i will get hurt or the last time that someone will hurt me...anyway, a boy more fitting for me will come someday...i'm just happy somebody cares...[and besides im not ready..there's too much school work to think about...boys can come later..]

huhuhu mat please go with me...pero ok lang din if you don't..i'll try to handle things alone..wala lang..feel ko lang things will turn out fine if you're there with me...alam mo naman kelangan ko ng fan..haha..joke lang...wala lang i just wanna say i need you..ui yeah whatever..HAHAHA

goody may fireworks sa so excited buti naman at hindi tagtipid ang ust ngayon..hehe wala lang i guess may fireworks nga kasi nagtesting na sila kanina...ay dun pala napupunta ang tuition..HAHA joke lang...

salamat kay feli at made my day..:)

(11:09 PM)