Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i don't kiss and tell.HAHAHA


while having dinner last night, my dad mentioned something about migrating to australia. i really did not take it seriously because he just got a little excited after talking to my tita and my lola who lives there. after having dinner tonight, my dad was asking us to check out australia on the net and maybe consider living there after my graduation. mukhang ipepetition na kami ni tita annie.

i really don't know how i should feel. im not concluding that we are indeed going to migrate to australia next year, but the fact that there is this very big possibility that we are migrating just bothers me. i have nothing against it, the migrating thing. i kinda like the idea that we might live there para new environment naman at more opportunities for us. im only torn because i will be leaving so much behind. all my life, i've lived here in the philippines. nalulungkot ako because i will be leaving people who mean the world to me behind. i even remember crying with pam after she told me she was leaving for new zealand na unfortunately for their family dahil di natuloy. it's just weird na after all that iyakan with pam, ako pala ang mukhang aalis. si pam palang sinasabihan ko about this kasi im sure she knows how i feels. wala lang...


gari: if there's a chance na talagang magmamigrate na kami sa australia after graduation, aayawan mo na ba ako?
boyfriend: ha? tuloy na ba kayo?
gari: ndi ko alam, mukhang desidido papa ko kasi ipapapetition na ata niya kami sa tita ko na nakatira dun.
boyfriend: kung talagang aalis kayo, wala tayong magagawa diyan. matagal pa yun, ang importante ay ngayon.


nangyari yan kanina pero napanaginipan ko na before na meron akong taong tinanong tungkol dito. from what i remember, si mat ang tinanong ko sa panaginip ko. wala lang. weird.

i really feel like crap right now...

(11:20 PM)