Thursday, July 05, 2007

napagtanto ko na. mahal nga niya ako. haha im sorry. it seems like i have made it my career to test him and his love for me. it makes me feel giddy and kilig all over to know that he loves me.

hinahabol niya kase ako hahahaha.

ok siraulo na kung siraulo. e kasi wala lang. minsan kasi naiinis ako kase feeling ko e binabalewala niya ako pero alam ko namang hindi dahil kadalasan, maarte lang ako. at malamang kelangan kong tumigil na sa kaartehan ko kase baka iwan niya ako sa kagaganyan ko. pero mahal ko naman sha.mahal na mahal kaya nga parang kinukuliling ako pag nagagalit sha sakin. hwahoi. ewan titigil nako. ang arte ko grabeh. hahahaha. hay.


(10:28 PM)

I am listening to: the sound of silence
I am watching: nothing
I feel: sick
I am thinking of: going to bed.

I woke up at: 7:30am
I went/going to: his dorm
I have eaten/drank: talbos ng kamote
The weather is: rainy hehe
I wish it was: ....

The weather was: hot
But I wish it had been: a little better
I went to bed at: 2 in the morning
What I did yesterday: i went to the library, had my studies checked and worked on my thesis

What is one thing someone would have to
do, be, or have to "woo" you?
* kelangan niya ako habulin no matter what.TIBAY HAHAHAH!

What is the worst single fashion you
hate right now?
* the punk rock porma. wala lang. mayroong nakakapagdala, merong di madala.

Would you wear it anyway?
* no way

Who would you allow to read your
thoughts for one day?
* ay. no one. hahaha mahirap yun mehn.

How outspoken and confident are you?
* i used to be.. now im just an average everyday sane psycho.

Who do you know that you wish was more
comfortable with you?
* i don't want to name names. basta alam ko lang na may something fishy.

Who do you know that you wish was less
comfortable with you?
* hmm..can't think of anyone who has gone overboard.

What scent evokes a memory for you?
* oxygen

What is that memory?
* him. pabango niya e. somehow, kahit pawisan na sha, he still smells great.

Have you ever spread a rumor?
* nope

How true was it?
*no nga e

What term or word do you feel you
* oo na sorry naman.

What term or word do you feel others
* haha the same words i use

How long is too long to wait in line?
* 30 minutes. o my lord matagal na yun.

What is the last movie you saw?
* ahem, TRANSFORMERS. hahahah

What movie do you want to see?
* license to wed, harry potter

Name someone that you wish you had
known as a child?
* hmmm... my hs friends. somehow it feels like i've known them forever but i really haven't been with them that long yet.

What kind of first impression do you
think you make?
* masungit..haha i know.

(10:18 PM)