Monday, May 21, 2007

001.] Change your eye color,
what color would they be?
olive green

[002.] Have any hair color in the
world, which color?:
ewan hehe

[003.] Instantly be fluent in one
language, which language and why?:

[004.] Instantly be able to play an

[005.] Get any job in the world and be
good at it too, which job would it be?:
a super chef

[006.] Live anywhere in the world,
where would it be?

[007.] Join any band, which band would
it be?
hmmm....wake up your seatmate siguro hehe

[008.] Have any superpower, what would
it be and why?
x ray vision.HAHAHAHAHA JOKE LANG... psychic abilities nalang

[009.] Relive one of your favorite
memories, which one would it be?
one particular moment during my debut...basta HUHUHUHU di na yun naulit ever.

[010.] Magically alter any aspect of
your appearance without any pain
whatsoever, what would you do?
pucha papalagay nako ng boobs hahaha

[011.] Eliminate one bug/insect from
the planet, which one and why?

[012.] Bring any TV shows that went
off the air back, which ones would you
bring back?

[014.] Could become an animal, which
animal would you be?
chicken hahaha. if i chose another animal it just wouldn't be me.

[015.] Eliminate any class from your
schedule, which would it be and why?
i really don't know what subject to hate yet

[016.] Eliminate one season, which one
and why?:
wala naman

[017.] Improve one of your five senses,
which one would you improve?
hmmm hearing. my hearing sucks i swear.

[018.] Instantly become famous, what
would you want to be famous for?
anything that's advertising related or sa culinary arts

[019.] Change your name, what would
you change it to?
used to hate margarita, when gari came out, okay na.:)

[020.] Paint your room, what colors
would it be?
ewan ko lang hehe

[022.] Meet any famous person, who
would you meet?
jamie oliver or paul walker or christian bautista

[023.] Master one school subject,
which subject would you choose and

[024.] Visit any planet, no matter how
far or how bad living conditions are,
which would you visit?
venus ganda e

[025.] Spend an unlimited amount of
money in any one store, which store
would it be?
hmmm maybe f&h or somewhere else where i can find clothes that fit me.

[026.] Go back to one of your younger
ages, what age would you be again and

hmmm probably 14+...basta hs days because i would like to have the chance to do better in school.

[027.] Get one piercing and/or tattoo
without any pain, what would you get?
sone piercing and one tattoo hehehe kulet.


i am so confused right now. schoolwork matters to me but it appears i will be stuck with him for the rest of the year. im not going to let him ruin my studies. i don't know how im going to get through this. why why why?!?!??! martin baket ganooooooooon forever na ba to?!?!?! shet will explain tomorrow.hay.

(11:02 PM)