Tuesday, February 27, 2007

trying to figure out if everything that's happening is something i should laugh about.

as of now natatawa pako. maniniawala na ba ako sa mga nangyayari. in fairness naman, he's more agressive now. ewan, it's too soon to conclude that he is up to something again. like i've said, im sick of trying to read people. kung seryoso na sha this time, bahala sha. im just taking my sweet time.

tanginang lovapalooza yan. the thought of it is going to haunt me forever.

grabe, 10pm palang inaantok na ko. kung di lang ako nanonood ng gilmore girls, matutulog na talaga ako. actually i only had two hours of sleep. had to finish the toothpaste carton.ok na. got 1.25. i only have one plate left and that's the counter top design. nips yung product ko. happy colors.

yak oo na ang boring ko ngayon. im so sleepy. will finish watching GG now. ok buhbye.

(9:27 PM)