Sunday, May 27, 2007

yesterday i had my impacted wisdom tooth extracted. it was a long ordeal. imagine, four hands attacking your tooth all at the same time. during the first few minutes, i thought it was going quite well. blood and saliva everywhere.diyahe.because of the anesthesia, i didn't feel anything except the pushing that they were doing to my tooth. suddenly, for some reason i don't quite know, naramdaman ko nalang yung sakit. yung pala punyeta kulang ung anesthesia. then, i started crying. (yes i know, im too old to cry.kahiya) e yun wala nakong nagawa, tuloy tuloy na iyakan na. they had to inject some more anesthesia. what scared me the most was ung pagbilis ng heartbeat ko. di ko alam kung bakit ganun, sige sumobra na ung anesthesia, im not sure pero tae natakot lang talaga ko. anyway, during the remaining minutes of the operation, okay na, wala nako maramdaman. sumakit nalang ulit nung nawala na ung anesthesia. crap sobrang sakit talaga to the point na umiiyak nanaman ako. tae. tae. tae. right now, my left cheek is swelling. i look like jollibee. ok lang at least it doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday. hehe di pa nga lang ako nagtootoothbrush since last night. hahaha. hay....

napuno ata si boyfriend kasi kahapon ko pa sha sinusungitan. kasi naman sobrang discomfort na ung nararamdaman ko e...


1. are you missing someone
right now?
- yes :(

2. are you happy?
- no duh.

3. are you talking to anyone
right now?
- nope

4. are you bored?
- a little...

5. are you german?
- no

6. are you irish?
- no

7. are you chinese?
- no

8. are you asian?
- yes

9. are your parents still married?
- yes

10. do you like someone right now?
- yes

1. televison show:
- grey's anatomy

2. flower:
- yellow rose

3. color:
- yellow and pink

4. sport:
- n/a hahahaha

5. mall:
- wala e...gateway siguro

6. music:
- a lot

7. food:
- dami

8. season:
- everywhere

9. animaL:
- cats

10. subject:
- recess


1. hometown:
- kyusee represent!

2. hair color:
- black

- vicotoria's secret garden scents

4. hair style:
- half pony

5. eye color:
- brown

6. shoe size:
- 5 1/2 - 6

7. mood:
- in pain color:
- tan

9. available?:
- no

- rightie


1. have you ever been in love?
- yes

2. do you believe in love?
- of course

3. why did your last relationship fail?
- was it even a relationship

4. have you ever been heartbroken?
- yes

5. have you ever broken someone's
- have i?

6. have you ever fallen for one of your
best friends?
- here we go again.

7. have you ever liked someone but
never told them?
- no haha i talk too much

8. are you afraid of commitment?
- no

9. has someone ever kissed your hand?
- yes

10.have you ever had a secret admirer?
- i guess.KAPAL HAHAHA

- love

2. hard liquor or beer:
- hard

3. night or day:
- night night stands or relationships:
- relationships

5. television or internet:
- tv

6. pepsi or coke:
- coke

7. wild night out or romantic night in:
- romantic night

8. colored pictures or black and white
- black and white! oi parang nasagot ko na to hahaha

9. phone or in person:
- in person

10. friendster or myspace:
- friendster


1. have you ever been caught
sneaking out?
- no

2. have you ever kissed s0meone you
don't love?
- no

3. have you ever done something you
- yes

4. have you ever bungee jumped?
- no

5. have you ever been on a house boat?
- no

6. have you ever finished an entire jaw
- yes

7. have you ever wanted someone so
badly it hurts?
- yes

**where are the other 3 questions?

(1:09 PM)