Saturday, September 29, 2007

bago ang lahat, aaliwin ko muna ang sarili ko.

50 Things You Might Not Know About Me

[1] Whats your middle name?
= capinpin

[2] Would you rather get 1,12 or 24
= kahit alin.

[3] How big is your bed?
= it's a special bed. di standard ang size.

[4] What are you listening to right
= let me go - three doors down

[5] What are the last 4 digits in your
cell phone number?
= 6802

6] What was the last thing you ate?
= nilagang bakaand talangka (haha pareho lang.)

[7] Last person you hugged?
= hmm... baby sofie

[8] How is the weather right now?
= its cold

[9] Who was the last person you talked
to on the phone?
=si mama?

[10] What is the first thing you
notice in the opposite sex?
= sense of humor

[11] Favorite types of Food?
= madami e. italian, chinese and japanese ung pinaka

[12] Do you want children?
= i do but not right now.

[13] Do you drink?
= shempre.

[14] Ever get so drunk you don't
remember the entire night?
= di pa naman. nalasing nako ng todo pero di naman to the point na di ko na maalala.

[15] Hair color?
= jet black

[16] Eye color?
= brown

[17] Do you wear contacts/glasses?
= no

[18] Favorite holiday?
= birthday ko

[19] Favorite season?
= summer

[20] Have you ever cried over a
= HAHAHA you can go ask him.

[21] Last Movie you Watched?
= chuck & larry

[22] What books are you reading?
= wala punyemes gusto ko na magbasa

[23] Piercings?
= ears and belly

[24] Favorite Movie?
= runaway bride

[25] Favorite college football Team?
= hmm sa lasalle maraming pogi hehe

[26] What were you doing before
filling this out?
= nagiisip pano gagawin ang video nila rico which i have to finish tonight

[27] Any pets?
= cats

[28] Dogs or cats?
= cats meow

[29] Favorite Flower?
= yellow rose

[30] Have you ever loved someone?
= but of course :)

[31] Who would you like to see right
= si boyfriend.

[33] Do you like to travel by train?
= kung nakaupo pero kung nakatayo wag na

[34] Right-handed or Left-handed?
= right

[35] If you could go to any place
right now where would you go?
= thailand

[36] Are you missing someone?
= yes

[37] Do you have a tattoo?
= wala pa. someday. mikka inaantay ang go signal.

[38] Do you still watch cartoons on
Saturday mornings?
= i don't watch cartoons. akazukin chacha siguro pwede pa pero bihira na. drama gusto ko hahaha

[39] Are you hiding something from
= i am hiding something from a bunch of people. haha who doesn't?

[41] what is the wallpaper on your pc?
= uzuri

[42] did you get enough sleep last
= i guess so. i haven't slept in days.

[44] What do you have handy at your
= my phone.

[45] What makes you unique?
= i have no idea. it's a universal fact. no person is alike.

[46] Are you afraid of the dark?
= i was

[47] Favorite song?
= hehe wala

[48] What are you afraid of?
= ipises

[49] Are you a giver or taker?
= both

[50] what are your nicknames?
= margarita, maita, gari, garita, gargar

(9:12 PM)