Thursday, June 07, 2007

gari's lame-ass excuse to break up:

"I am going to India indefinetely - catch you in the funny pages"

'What is your lame-ass excuse to break up?' at

(9:20 PM)

oh my god. wala lang natiis niya ako maghapon. oh my god talaga.

sheesh i know im starting to become boring because i talk about him all the time. sorry pero nashoshock lang ako kasi natiis niya tlga ako maghapon. hahaha ok, i got a taste of my own medicine. e eto ang ultimate oh no e, nagsorry nako kahit i don't feel sorry at all pero di parin niya ako nirereplyan. oo na napakasalbahe ko na hahahaha. tangina hahaha nakakarma talaga ako. sorry natatawa parin ako, di lang kasi ako makapaniwalang natiis niya ako hindi itext maghapon.hahahahahaha. gaga talaga ako. e well kung galit parin sha sakin, e cge bahala sha. basta ako pucha nagsorry na. ok narin siguro na di kami nagusap mashado today, at least i had time to listen to my mom's stories.

sigh. life changes when you enter a relationship. it sucks but i guess i have to swallow my pride once in a while.

but but but... why can't men be more tolerant?

(8:52 PM)

this is stupid. no really, it's stupid.

si alfie inis sakin just because i made a mistake of accusing him of telling boyfriend about the things we talk about. it was an honest mistake and i apologized already. i was just panicking because i did not want to fight with boyfriend. Di ko talaga sinasadya sabihin na i feel betrayed. it's sad because this incident happened like, one or two months ago and until now, alfred still gives me the silent treatment.

si boyfriend, inis din sakin because i teased him about his height. HELLO. it's not like i broke the law or something. ang issue kasi, mashado shang pikon. the shallowest things make him angry. i know he's immature and all that pero imagine, sakin pa talaga sha mapipikon. i really can't understand why he's making a big deal out of this when im not the only person who took notice of his lack of height. besides, if there is one person who finds joy in tormenting people through teasing, it's him. mahilig shang mang-asar and mind you, yung pang-aasar niya is something you wouldn't like at all. he's the perfect example of a person who bullies people to compensate for his lack of height. irita. yes i know i love him and all that pero it's sucks kasi sakin pa talaga sha maaasar e hello, para san pa't naging girlfriend niya ako no. naiinis lang naman ako pero d mashado. hehe irita lang. irita. e kase mamaya yan, aawayin nanaman niya ako dahil di ko sha tinetext achoochoochoo. ayoko din tlga magtext. sabi ko itext niya ako pag di na sha pikon. hay, pag pumuti ang uwak.

some boys are really shallow.SOME ha. i didn't say ALL.


"haha ganun. ako din patulog na e, naisip lang kita. cge goodnyt gari. sweetdreams...Ü"

---naku kaaaaaaaaaaa...bakit ganyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan @.@

(3:23 PM)