Saturday, February 04, 2006

efforts gone to waste.

well what about. i actually gave him a chance to read at least one of my blogspot entries because i wrote something about that shit bothering me. great he read corey's writing, not mine. fine. futile efforts. but last night was a really good telephone conversation.we're cool. somehow, just didn't get my message across. maybe next time.maybe just maybe. but i like him anyway. he makes me feel like im the queen of the world. the only rose among the thorns. like im number one on his list. that's far from the truth. basta something to that effect, pero ok narin. im not changing my mind. i trust him and i will continue to.

if i can change you i will, if that's what i need to do to prove to them na namimisinterpret ka nila. i know im a sucker for your words, but that's it. im willing to stick to this friendship because you are important to me. im sorry if im always bothered about what they have to say. im glad you are concerned about my pain. im sorry if you worry about me being sad and all. it's my choice. i just have to be stronger. im glad we're in this together even if we're not really together.

yes yes you are my onleh star. sana di ka mawala sa tabi ko. sana lang. aylabyutubits.

(3:01 PM)