Friday, January 12, 2007

1.whose picture is it that you keep in
your wallet?
** friends lang...

2.what time do you go to bed?
** it depends kung may ginagawa. normally 1am...

3.what was the last thing you did
before filling this survey?
** wrote an entry...

4.who's the one you always meet the
** friends.

5.who's the person you're gonna call
if you need help?
** if it's financial or talaga life threatening, family pero yung things that you talk about with friends , friends naman.

6.what's on your mind just now?
** im late dapat nakong maligo.

7.kissed a complete stranger?
** i've never kissed anyone except my girlfriends. smack lang haha.

8.with whom do you wanna be to have
** Friends..

9.what's the latest movie you saw?
** hmm... nakalimutan ko na kasi it's been so long. hay bakit nga ba.

10.when was the last time you went out?
** i dunno...mamaya pako lalabas ulet.

11.what do you hate the most for now?
**a former crush. sha lang tlga tangena nakakabwsit.

12.when was the FIRST time you slept
** i forgot. i have always wanted to have my own room.

13.what things you want to do now?
** take a bath perhaps...

14.what do you do everyday besides eat
and sleep?
** work on my plates, watch tv

16. What colors that make you happy?
** rainbow colors. hahaha

17.most fave thing in your room?
** my messy table.

19. instruments that make you crazy?
** flute. musical instrument ba?

20.miss someone?
** hmm i guess so..

21. are you a coffee addict?
** sometimes.

22. are you satisfied with your life
** Not really but im fine...

23.would you share a glass of water
with a friend?
** of course...

24.when was the last time you ate
** the other day

25.ever had a food fight?
** sayang lang pagkain

26.what do you usually eat for
** kung may kanin, kanin. kung wala tinapay hehe

27.Lost a friendship over something
** hmmm...almost....pero nasave naman..

28. Been really depressed before?
** yes

29.what's your favorite fast food
** Mcdo

30. cried in front of your classmates?
** Oo..classmate lang. im not the kind of person who'd want to make a scene.

32.who's on your mind?
** random.walang particular person

33. did you ever cheat during an exam?
** lots of times...

34. Is kissing normal for our age?
** hmm.. how should i answer this.

35.are you childish?
** oo. it depends on what situation. most of the time rational naman ako.'s your heart lately?
** okay lang. pwede na.

(11:56 AM)

a funny thing happened this morning. i was dreaming. it wasn't a nice dream but it was a step away from becoming a bad dream. i was food poisoned daw or something. ewan pinakain daw ako nung katulong namin na bago ng daga or was that what it seemed it was? ewan basta tapos kinain ko naman daw kasi sabi niya safe daw tapos i started spitting. as in dura mania tlga hahaha. e yun andun daw ako sa kitchen sink dura ng dura tapos kung anu ano na raw dinura ko. tapos anlapot ng laway ko mehn. kadire tlga tapos ung pinakafinal kong dura, may dugo na tae dun ako nagising kase puro laway na yung balikat ko dahil dumura pala talaga ko for real. oo na tae ambaboy ko na. di ko alam kung matatawa ako. di pa naman ganun kabango ang morning breath or should i say morning saliva. bwahaha. kung mangyari ung mga ganitong event sa retreat namin, tangena magpapakamatay talaga ako. social suicide yon.

ang weird nga tlga. there was this instance when i was like, 7 or 8 years old. room mates pa kami ni kuya ko. nananaginip naman ako na umiihi daw ako sa inodoro, tapos nagising ako bigla kasi umihi na pala tlga ako sa kama. tangina ano ba yan. anlabo no. hahaha yak nakakahiya kapag ganto ka na katanda pag nangyari yan. yaaaak.


tae antanda ko na nga tlga. tatlong buwan nalang bente nako. ugaling skwater parin ako. bwahahaha.maliligo na nga ako at may usapan kami nila buninie na magkikita.

(11:35 AM)