Friday, September 14, 2007

i am not in a very good mood today. i thought i was. maybe i just need to bake cookies again. andami lang talagang nakakainis these days. im trying hard not to bother myself about it but i just can't help it. full force talaga sila ngayon.

it sucks when you are trying to be selfless and it ends up to be nothing because your effort is unappreciated. yung tipong ikaw yung reach out ng reach out tapos parang yung taong nirireach out mo di naman nirereciprocate yung effort na pinapakita mo. parang tanga lang diba. hay ewan ko na. i did pick up a stone and hit myself on the head. i hate that i love you. puta i really do.

on the brighter side of this week's events, sabi ni sir son e very good daw kami nila feli dahil sa mga accurate surveys namen. yehey. hehe. oooh and, i get to wear my new sandals because we're having dinner out tomorrow. yey yey yey. landi to the highest level hwahahaha. oo na. i really need a reason to fix myself up. it boosts my self esteem. :)'t.mind.annoying.people.este.person.hahaha.

shet san kaya ako pupulutin after graduation. i see myself working at an agency but i really have not thought about what position i could fill in. if i start at the bottom of the advertising food chain, pwede ako mag-artist, but then again, in this industry artistry isn't everything. kailangan may balance. good concepts should be complemented by good visuals or else it won't work. im not really the best when it comes to concept building but i would like to think i can write well which leads me to copywriting. i think copywriting is for witty, brainy and fun people. im not exactly a fun or brainy person 24/7 but i have my moments. don't we all? anyway, what's meant for you will be given to you. kahit sabi e hadlang sa success ang linyang ito, i will still say it, BAHALA NA SI BATMAN. i will just work on my thesis properly, do good with the rest of my other subjects and i will take it from there.

it's a battle field out there. it's a good thing we're well equipped. kahit sabog ang sistema ng cfad, im still thankful for what i have learned and for what i have become. shet sana i can see the fruits of my labor pagkatapos ng thesis. sana ay may napala nga ako sa fine arts. culinary arts can wait...hehe :P

i love "it started with a kiss." hehehe

(9:36 PM)