Sunday, October 28, 2007

dahil sa pagbabasa ko ng e-mail ni boyfriend nung isang araw, napag-isipan ko din basahin yung e-mail kong luma. natatawa lang ako kase may mga e-mail dun na kinikilig parin ako pag binabasa ko... ung mga linyang, one hug for each day of the year..hope it cheers you up. mga ganung drama. oo nakakakilig parn un. hahaha


im confused. we just visited someone at medical city. she's the daughter of my dad's friend. THE REAL DAUGHTER. my mom has told me about this a long time ago..mas close kami sa second family kasi. i always felt something wasn't normal about their setup but it didn't bother me because i didn't think it should bother me at all. anyway, it was my first time,(first time na may muwang nako) to meet the real family. i've heard stories of how "the real wife" tormented the second family. i understand why she's angry kasi nga naman may second family ang asawa niya but then again, it's not the kids fault na nag-eexist sila and siguro mas close lang din ako sa second family kaya i feel for them. anyway, nalulungkot lang ako for this sick person kasi there's this very huge possibility that she's not going to wake up anymore. coma na sha e. she was rushed to the hospital yesterday, apparently because of a heart attack. i feel for the family kasi sha ang only child sa first family and she is the "original daughter". e wala lang, ang complicated. if she dies, then she won't have the opportunity to meet her half-brothers and half-sister. wala lang, ang sad lang. ewan. somehow i think there's karma involved, but then again, i really don't want to ponder too much about it because it's not my business. im just hoping she gets well. miracles happen.

(9:25 PM)