Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wala lang sayasaya ko lang kasi nagreply na sa akin ang handyman at ang holland tulips kung pwede ko sila magamit sa thesis ko. punyeta kasi yung office warehouse. leche talaga ung nakausap ko kanina. kala naman niya napakalaking kompanya ng office warehouse. nagfifeeling ung lecheng tess ramos na yun e. siguro mababa sweldo non kaya masungit. panget sha! hmpf!

anyway, this day is not exactly so great if not for this sudden development in my thesis. I woke up this morning thinking i already have the go signal to work on my campaign for office warehouse until i realized i haven't checked with them if i could use their company. turns out i couldn't because the girl i talked to this morning just told me i couldn't use their company without any reason at all. well, there's no use crying over spilled milk. i just felt bad because i thought i could start working already because i have the go signal. wala lang. pakiramdam ko kasi para kong sumigaw ng BINGO! tapos narealize ko na di ko pala nabuo ung winning numbers kasi mali yung isa. yung parang excited ka nang sumakay ng eroplano kasi makakaalis ka na the next day tapos malalaman mong expired na pala passport mo. pota. e yun lang.

at least i can now work because i already mailed handyman about the things i need from them. i could schedule an interview as soon as possible.


im sad about something but i won't talk about it.


will now get back to work.

(9:21 PM)

1] What was the highlight of your
- today ;)

2] Whose car were you in last?
- anna's car

3] When is the next time you will
kiss someone?
- hmm maybe tomorrow morning.:P

4] What color shirt are you wearing?
- blue.

5] How long is your hair?
- i have no idea.

6] Last movie you watched?
- AHEM transformers hahahaha

7] Last thing you ate?
- mechado and ampalaya

8] Last thing you drank?
- water

9] Where did you sleep last night?
- my bedroom

10] Are you happy right now?
- YES! at least right now. i wasn't too happy majority of the day.

11] What did you say last?
- yes

12] Where is your phone?
- beside me

13] What color are your eyes?
- brown

14] Who came over last?
- no one

15] When was the last time you had
your heart broken?
-the other day? haha basta sikretong malupit walang clue! hahaha laos ampota.

16] Who/what do you hate/dislike
- ung imbyernang babae sa hr department ng office warehouse. sampalin ko un e. kala mo naman napakalaking kompanya ng office warehouse kung magtaray.

17] What are you listening to?
- last request - paolo nutini

18] If you could have one thing right
now what would it be?
- money? haha

19] What is your favorite scent?
- mmm baby cologne

20] What makes you the happiest right
- i just got a reply from my proposed companies for thesis and it feels so good because i was about to break down and cry already.OA haha. hinde basta. haha

21] What were you doing at midnight
last night?
- trying to get some sleep.

22] What was the first thing you
thought when you woke up?
- onti pa.

23] Are you left-handed?
- no

24] Spell your name without vowels:
- mrgrt

25] What color(s) do you wear most
- e white hehe

26] What's for dinner tonight?
- mechado ampalaya

27] What is the last alcoholic
beverage you had?
- gin bilog

28] When Is Your Birthday?
- april 20

29] Who was the last person you
- boyfriend. eeeeeeeh...tae kinilig hahaha

30] Last time you went swimming in a
- hmm last summer

31] Where was the last place you went
- i don't go shopping. paisa isa lang. haha gateway

32] How do you feel about your hair
right now?
- not so happy because i just had a haircut last month but now, it's back to it's normal self.

33] Do you have any expensive
- i think i do. i just don't wear them. im not fan of gold jewelry.

34] AIM or MSN?
- neither

35] Where does most of your family
- pinas

36] Are you an only child or do you
have siblings?
- i have 2 sibling

37] Would you consider yourself to be
- sometimes i tend to act like one. hahaha

38] Do you drink beer?
- yes

39] Did you ever collect Beanie
- no

40] Myspace or Facebook?
- neither

41] Who was the last person to send
you a text message?
- litol buninie

42] What is your favorite subject in
- haha ewan. cgd siguro.internet sa mac e. haha

43] What type of boy/girl do you
usually fall for?
- moreno. e un lang common sa kanilang lahat hahaha.

44] Last time you saw your parents?
- a few minutes ago

45] Do you have any talents?
- yes

46] Have you ever been in a wedding?
- yes

47) Do you have any kids?
- no

48] Did you take a nap today?
- no

49] Ever met anyone famous before?
- yes...kanina si iwa moto bwahahaha

50] Do you want to be famous one day?
- sino bang meh ayaw.

(8:40 PM)