Sunday, January 29, 2006

well maybe not. im happy right now. (meaning: i have nothing to be sad about) everything's going so well.yeah maybe even that thing about argel too. im mean alright. wala akong magawa nabuburat tlga ako saknya. if it means using all my powers against him, maybe i will. pero pwede ring hindi na dahil iba nalang ang magbibigay ng karma saknya.

on the brighter side of things, i will be doing my paper alone now. ayoko na rin makipagplastican sa kanya. let me explain this further so as not to create speculation that i am indeed plastic. plastic lang ako saknya kasi hindi ko alam kung gano katagal ko siya chachagain. i was still hoping for change coming from him. kala ko magbabago if i still showed him kindness. never thought he hated me so much to the extent that he had to resort to backstabbing me. fucking gay bitch. well anyway, if people soon realize what he really is behind that uber friendly personality na finofront niya, well it's his problem na, not mine. im better off without him. after all he used me lang naman since i was always generous with him.

mat's not replying. are we still going out tomorrow or not? i need to talk to him about something that's bothering me too. im not supposed to bothered. but it is indeed bothering me. bwisit. so much for people trying to ruin my very happy disposition. i still believe in mat. i don't need a reason not to. here we go again. he's not boyfriend and will still be not be my boyfriend because i don't know why. it's fun hanging out with him. i don't want my feelings to bother me at all. ayoko na kasi yang umaasa shit na yan. if this is my time, then it's my time. if it's not, let's not force it. i don't want to lose one more friend. if he's not being truthful to me, i would not know what to think anymore because i showed him the real me. honest ako. (except for my feelings.harharhar)

hay. replyan mo ko. kung di rin lang tayo aalis bukas manonood nalang ako ng pinoy pop. or better e gagawa nalang ako ng plate kasi tambak din trabaho ko.

where is mat when you need him?

not much of vince this week.

(11:10 PM)