Friday, June 01, 2007

it sucks not being able to eat properly. im glad my stitches will be taken out tomorrow. i can probably eat better after that. my days have been tiring....and hungry. it's pretty weird that im not loosing weight despite the sudden change in my food intake. it's probably the noodles. sabi ng nanay ko nakakataba daw ung noodles.

kung nakakataba ang noodles, pakainin na ng noodles ang mga nagugutom sa pilipinas.

yesterday, i finally had my first decent meal in days. i had baked spareribs as ulam and just plain rice. it was a joy to have human food once again. i will never take food for granted ever again. i realized how important it is to have a decent meal. it sucks that i have to eat noodles again after three weeks because my other wisdom tooth is also scheduled for surgery. might as well fill up my tank before the next surgery.


I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re will keep us alive
When we’re will keep us alive
When we’re will keep us alive

wala lang, naisip ko lang. when you're hungry, love will keep us alive daw. no way. love can't feed a starving nation or even a starving family. hehe oo alam kong di literal yan pero tangena, wala talagang mabubuhay sa pag-ibig. naisip ko nga, pag mag-aasawa ka, di talaga pwede yung you and me against the world e. e ano ba tong pinagsasabi ko? hahaha sobrang bored ko na siguro. ewan lintek ang tagal kasi ng pbb e. kakasabi ko lang kay mat nung isang gabi na may kwenta nako magsulat ngayon pero parang walang kwenta lang tong naisulat ko na. hahahaha. hay.

somebody asked for my landline number, and i gave it. am i being bad? we're just friends. actually friend sha ni espi. ngark.ngark.

tinulugan nanaman niya ako. okay lang, forgiven, bumiyahe pauwi e. kawawa naman.

nothing beats the first.......secret! hahahahaha

(8:29 PM)