Thursday, January 25, 2007

as much as i would like to talk about it, i can't simply because it's not my secret to tell and it really hasn't sank in that something as unexpected as that could really happen. and since i cannot say what that thing is, i would just talk about how weird and scared i feel right now.

the thought of how people would react to this matter scares me. i don't know what will happen, and i don't want to expect the worst because it's the only thing that scares me the most. sakin, i really don't care what other people would think. silang lang dalawa tlga ang concern ko. this news will hit them like lightning. di ko alam. i never expected na something like this would happen to my family. di ko tlga alam. di parin magsink in sakin pero di ko alam kung ano tlaga nararamdaman ko. i don't know what to do. im not involved but technically i am now because i know about it. di ko alam kung ano magiging role ko when the time comes na kelangan nang ireveal yung news. it's going to be life changing, im pretty sure. not just for the person involved but for all of us as well. im worried, not for me but for the people around me. di ko alam. di ko tlga alam.

tae. tae tae.

help me god.

(9:59 PM)