Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i cannot think of a better way to say this because lbm, no matter how hard you try to make it sound pretty will never be pretty and the feeling of being affected by it isn't okay either. i don't even know why of all the times that i can be affected by this, it had to be now when i am jampacked with work. grabe sobrang nanghihina na ako. im not pooping regular poop anymore. im pooping water. sorry for grossing you out. i just feel so weak right now i just want to sleep. i hate LBM. (and to think i thought this was something else. pfft.) tangina ang sakit ng tiyan ko i swear. huhu

ok i guess i will now get back to my painting...or i might as well go to sleep. kelangan ko atang magrecharge. huhuhu.

i hate LBM. tangina i hate sago gulaman from FARMERS FOODCOURT.

(8:28 PM)