Wednesday, June 13, 2007

you say you dream of my face but you don't like me,
it doesn't matter anyway...
but you know all the right things to say,
you know it's a little too late...



nakaka-lss a.hehe. today is first day chorva. chorva simply because i can't think of any word. im not too creative today. anyway, i saw my college friends again. it was kinda weird because they had all these stories to tell, and well, i had none hehehe. it sucks when you spent your summer bumming around. i only have drinking sprees to talk about. o well, next summer will be better....hopefully.

boyfriend and i spent the afternoon together. actually, we spent the afternoon together with alfie ignoring me the whole time. i really don't understand why we still are not in speaking terms when he tells me to my face that i shouldn't worry because he is not angry at me. it doesn't make sense. why is there a weird feeling of awkwardness between us? anyway, i really don't want to ponder about it because im happy right now.

boyfriend and i listened to my mp3 player. alam na niyang may korean songs ako sa playlist ko but i really don't think he has to hear them for himself. my korean fetish is for my eyes and ears only.HAHAHAHA hay.

yes he really does love me. he just has an odd way of showing it...and that's good enough for me ...:)

(11:11 PM)

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(10:42 AM)

i loved you first... EMO AMPUTA. haha sikret. tangena naiiyak talaga ako jan. sakin nalang kung bakit.putangina talaga. hahaha


mejo nasesense ko nang kelangan ko nang maligo. haha sinuggest ko kay boyfriend na sabay na kami pumasok dahil alas kwatro pa klase niya e pano pa kami magkikita kasi malamang wala nakong klase mamaya. ocean's 13 na! hehehe.

yesterday, i really had this weird experience with two gay bitches. i went to bench fix convergys to have my hair cut. i brought maan along with me. they told me that their stylists would be free by 530. it was only 3:30. i really didn't mind waiting because people were listed ahead of me. ok lang talaga. nainis lang ako nung di pa dumadating ung mga nakaschedule sa oras nila. i mean, isn't a waiting customer entitled to be entertained when one of the stylists are free lalo na kapag ka di naman dumating yung nakaschedule? ok lang naman, kala ko o cge hinayaan na nila na unahin ako. nakakainis lang e itong dalawang gay bitches na naggugupit sakin ay nagpaparinig samin ni maan.(maan claims it was really for us)

there are things that i really don't understand about gay men. i used to like gay men because they always have a way of finding something to laugh about. i just don't like it when they bash people right in front of their faces. wala lang nakakabwisit lang talaga. sarap tuloy sabihin, e puta sige tirahin mo ko nang harapan, kahit anong gawin mo di ka naman magkakaroon ng pekpek. (well surgically pwede hehehe pero di naman sha magiging totoong babae.sama e noh hahaha) sorry nainis lang kasi ako kasi parang minadali pa ung pag-gupit sakin at ang sakit nung ginamit niyang way para gupitin ung buhok ko. o well, at least now i know i don't have to go back to fix convergys.

im not generalizing gay men because i have gay friends. it's just the bitches that i don't like.yung tipong they think they always have a way with anything. ilan lang sila. i really have nothing against them. naiinis lang tlga ko dun sa mga bading na impakta kasi sila ang nagbibigay ng masamang impression sa mga bading.

(10:24 AM)