Monday, September 24, 2007

01.What does your shout out mean?
-DEEsisit.-> enchong dee

02.What does your default photo mean?
- my gels.

03.Who is the first person on your
top 6?
-si espino ata


05.What exactly are you doing right
waiting for my latex to dry.

06.What's your current problem?
-so much to do.

07.What makes you the happiest?
- sweet simple things.

08.Have you ever met anyone from

09.What were you doing at midnight
last night?

10.If you could go back in time and
change something, what would it be?
-hmmm falling in love with this person from my past. parang super bumaba self esteem ko sakanya and even if i don't like him as much as i used to, he has this way of making me feel less of who i am. not that i am blaming him, it's really just me.

11.What are your nervous habits?
- i get sweaty palms.

12.Ever had a near death experience?
-wala pa naman

13.Name an obvious asset you have?
-my nose?

14.What's the name of the song that's
stuck in your mind right now?
-wala naman ehhehe.

15.Any celeb you would marry?
-orlando bloom or christian bautista

16.Who will cut and paste this first?

17.Name someone with the same birthday
as you?

18.Have you ever vandalized someones
private property?
-yeah hahaha

19.Have you ever been dumped?
-haha yes, by a girl

20.Have you ever sung in front of a
large group?

21.What's the first thing you notice
about the OPPOSITE sex?
-i really don't know. sense of humor siguro.

22.What does your 4th text message you
sent say?
- i have no idea. i think it was a bunch of sorries.

23.What does your last received text
-hehe secret.

24.Have you ever hurt yourself on
-no, that's sick.

25.Say something totally random about
-i love my boyfriend.

26.Do you do karaoke?
-yes, on a regular basis hehe

27.Do you listen to System of a Down?

28.What is the closest thing to you?
-my laptop

29.Do you have anything pierced?
-besides my ears, my belly

30.Do you eat fish?

31.Do you like pain?

32.Do you like to shop?

33.Whose bed did you last sleep in?

34.What was the last thing you paid
for with a credit card?
-taxi ride

35.Who was the last person you talked
to on the phone?

36.What is the background on your
-baby sofia

37.Do you have any weird relatives?
-haha si tita bebe

38.What was the last movie you
-rogue assassin

39.What was the last book you read?
break up diaries

40.What's your favorite pair of jeans
you wear most?
my new skinny jeans. hehe ung wash, parang ang sarap suotin e

41.What is your favorite mall to
shop at?

42.recent pair of shoes/slippers you
-artwork flipflops and dressy sandals

43.What song are you listening to?
-tambourine by eve

44.Whats your favorite thing on
display in your room?
-my desk

45. Say something
garita is very happy today. :)

(11:35 PM)

The Five of Pentacles card reversed suggests that to make a love connection or to get back on your feet as a couple, you may need to submit to the standards of those who may now be rejecting you. It could be a turning point in your relationship. Make sure you don't return to the status quo, or it could make your situation chronic or addictive. This might be an opportunity to rehabilitate your relationship at its core, particularly as it relates to physical and spiritual intimacy. You can enter a better phase that goes beyond material security. But if you decide to go your separate ways, you should reach an agreement that can enable you both to seek greener pastures amicably. Remember the good times and keep no record of yesterday's sins -- you can find strength in positive action today.

i will no longer keep a record of yesterday's sins because we're starting over. hehe panalo ka sakin ngayon. :)

anlaki talaga ng problema ko kanina. i had so many things to carry. actually wala dapat. yun plywood lang talaga. ang kaso, kinonstruct ko na ung lalagyan ng textile design ko so nagkaroon ako ng plastic na bitbit pauwi. sabi ni boyfriend since di na sha uuwi ng nova at wala naman shang gagawin, pwede daw niya akong ihatid on the condition na hindi uulan. e anlakas ng ulan. we were almost fighting because i felt i really needed help carrying my stuff. mejo naghesitate na din shang ihatid ako kasi anlakas ng ulan at mahihirapan sha bumalik. so inexpect ko nang di niya ako ihahatid. sabi ko nalang kung pwede pumunta nalang sha dun to get my txd plate para mabawasan ung dala ko. iiwan ko muna sa dorm niya. e ndi ko na kasi kaya pumunta dun pag bitbit ko na ung plywood. tapos sabi niyang alam ko naman na ayaw niyang nagpupunta sa uste pag wala shang pasok. (which i really did not get why...) e nagalit nako kasi parang wala nanaman shang pakealam sakin. bwisit. sabi ko tuloy, "grabe naman, ngayon pa. andami ko talagang dala. sige na nga wag na. kaya ako naiinis sayo e. pag ikaw may pinagagawa sakin kahit ano gnagawa ko pero pag ako kelangan na di mo magawa." tapos biglang sabi niya hahatid na daw niya ako at antayin ko sha sa ministop espanya. e di ung mindset ko e dun ko na sha aantayin kaya diretcho nako jolis. sinabi ko nalang sakanya punta muna ko jolis para pick up-in ung plywood. tapos habang inaantay ko ung plywood ko e inabutan ako ni feli sa jolis. super dakdakan kami ni feli tapos hinanap niya si boyfriend sakin. tapos sabi ko shempre sa ministop niya ako aantayin at super problemado ako kung pano ko dadalhin ung mga bitbit ko dun. tapos ang tagal nung usapan namin kesho sabi ni feli pano daw kung magbago isip nun at dumaan sha sa jolis para tulungan ako. tapos ako naman, "hinde yun pa. pag sinabi niyang dun sha ppunta dun talaga sha pupunta." tapos pag talikod ko, andun pala sha sa likod ko sobrang tagal na. hahahaha tapos super pahiya ako. grabe tangina ung mukha ko siguro non mukha nanaman kinikilig. tangena. wala lang ang saya ko lang. tapos hinatid niya ako. nagtaxi kami at nagkwentuhan at naglambingan.(lambingan wtf.HAHA) wala ang saya ko lang huhuhu. ang saya saya ko.

thank you lover boy. i love you. :)

HAHAHA (loverboy bansag ni nikki sakanya)

awww im so happy today. i feel so giddy. :)

(10:39 PM)