Thursday, December 15, 2005

shet...i accidentally spilled glue on my phone..i wanted to go ballistic but i tried not to because my friends might think im too shallow for fussing over a damn phone...e wala lang i really have to take care of my phone because it will take about two years or until i start working before i get a new phone again...and besides wala pang isang taon sakin ung phone...bwisit si rico kasi ang may kasalanan...peste...he left my glue bottle open after using it...i always make it a point to close it after using just happened that rico is a fart brain kaya nakalimutan niya isara...nagmamamadali ako kanina kaya pinasok ko na sa bag ko, thinking na nakasara naman un ng mabuti..i placed my phone inside my bag..and to my surprise, the next time i checked on my phone when i got to school, it had glue on the keypads...shempre panic ever...i tried my best to clean it up..and i even used my hanky because i was so desperate...and to my dismay, it went in and i couldn't do anything anymore...e yun when i got home, it dried up and now the number 3 key is a little hard to press...well it's a good thing it's still working...i wanted to clean it kaya lang the problem with the 6600 model is you can't take out the front have to ask someone from the cellphone shop to do it for you kaya ayun...i think i have to pay someone to do it for me...shit...good money gone to waste...will think about that nalang when i have money...:S

ay ampogi niya...huhu matthew lin is so hot... ay promise...i only watch frog prince[which is shown on gma 7] because of him...hahaha...ay sana totoo sha...hmmm..HAHAHAHA ay ang pogi tlga...]

im still worried about monday..wah resked...

crap im so poor im penniless.

(8:14 PM)