Friday, April 27, 2007

boyfriend is probably mad right now because i accidentally woke him up because i wanted so badly to apologize for making stupid comments that i thought annoyed him. turns out, he wasn't angry at all and he just fell asleep. ok, how am i supposed to conclude that he was not angry after all when all he said for goodnight was just, "geh, goodnight." instead of the usual, "goodnight. i love you. sleepwell.mwah!"? you know, this girlfriend thing is almost taking its toll on me. i am not the apologetic type nor am i the begging type. and as of now, i think i will never be.......(until i started showing symptoms of being paranoid and the unending sorries just started to come out of me. my god, tao nako.)

i have to work on the reading the mood thing. right now, i just feel crappy because if he doesn't get to sleep well tonight, he's going to blame it on me. sleeping is something that's easy for me to make. apparently, when he feels sleepy, he has to sleep no matter what.

sa totoo lang, nahihirapan nako. i don't know if it's the distance or it's really just not working out.

(12:09 AM)