Friday, June 22, 2007

first of all, i feel a little guilty because i have learned to fdjhasdjfhjsahfjdh which i never thought i would eventually be capable of. no it's not what you think it is. it's just that if you knew me very well, you would think im the most unlikely person who'd be caught doing it.

the other thing is, i was caught adjhafjdhfjdashf and the person who i think caught me is allen. DIYAHE. wala lang. diyahe kasi ex-crush ko sha. believe me, you wouldn't want to be caught by your crush/ex-crush doing this. diyahe mehn.

e well wala nakong magagawa. i have to pretend i have no idea na nakita nila ako. sinfulness. T.T

(10:31 PM)

something's wrong with me. my chest hurts. not my chest as in breast. i mean chest CHEST. i really don't know why. it's like the feeling of having heart burn except that my chest hurts on the right side. the heart is located at the left so im pretty sure it's not my heart that's conking out. sakit mehn. weird. i don't want to tell my mom because she'd probably take me to a doctor and when i do get checked by the doctor, baka malaman niyang nagssmoke ako and that for sure will be the end of me. gaaah. it's hard to live with many secrets.


come to think of it, it seems like im really the rotten nut in the family. even if im not the only person who smokes in the family, im the only person who comes home drunk, who cuts class to go to the mall and to drink with buddies. oh, and im the only person who happens to have a relationship with someone unknown to them. (they know, it's just they have not met him.;P) hirap din ng buhay ko, pero ok lang. di ko naman ginagalit magulang ko. besides, i think these things are the most i can do. im definitely not going to get myself pregnant because i still have culinary school after fine arts. as a matter of fact, i don't intend to get married at all. i guess im just saying this now because i already know the consequence of being pregnant and all that.

pero ewan ko, ang hirap ng pag-aasawa. i don't think im ready to be in that position wherein there's no turning back. i really feel bad having to tell my boyfriend i don't intend to get married in the future. i jokingly said i only want kids. it's half true. i know it's only been three months since we got together but i really don't feel weird talking about these things with him. the way a person views the future is enough to tell what kind of life this person wants. ewan ko, if i do decide to get married in the future, gusto ko ung magiging masaya ako. i know married life is not perfect. i just want to get married to someone i won't regret marrying even if life gets rough for the both of us. basta, bahala na si batman. bata pa ako. as of now, di ko pa talaga iniisip yung ganyan. i don't have to think about it. there's still australia issues to think about. i will cross the bridge when i get there.

makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay.---kabayan

onga makulay nga ang buhay pero hindi sa sinabawang gulay.---gari

(11:54 AM)

1. The song you've been most
singing to yourself recently?
> i'll be over you by the sundays...not that im trying to get over someone. i just like the song.

2. What do you currently want right
> money. haha

3. What did you do today?
> woke up and had sardines for breakfast.

4. Are you hungry? What would you
> im full because i just had breakfast.

5. What have you been thinking about
most today?
>> not really sure...too many thoughts running through my mind right now.

6. Do you ever just sit outside and
watch the stars?
> yea... i used to.. malungkot. hehe

7. Do you do a lot of surveys?
> oo jelegs ako e. haha kahit ako lang bumabasa.

8. What is your current annoyance?
> ung butas sa gums ko. nagaaccumulate ung food dun. i have to gargle really well to get it out.

9. Do you want a new cell phone?
> pwedeng oo pwede rin hinde.

10. Are you waiting for someone right
> not really.

11. What time are you going to bed?
> Pagkatapos ng PBB..haha

12. Name one thing you're looking
forward next week?
> happy 3 months. :)

13. Are you planning on visiting some
old friends?
> yeah i guess so. i think i have a pedicure appointment with espi on thursday.

14. Can you make new friends easily?
> i used to. im just too cautious right now. may trauma ako e.

15. What would you do if your best
friend turned gay?
> Whahaha ewan ko.

16. Do you plan out what you wear the
day before you wear it?
> sometimes.

17. Has anyone ever told you "You
dropped your pocket", and you looked
down looking for it?
> Wala pa nmn pero if i someone told me that, i would most likely do that hahahaha.

18. What is music to you?
> meowing cats hehe

19. Have you ever fell for your best
> haha here we go again.

20. If you had a chance to save
someone significant to you, would
you? [even if its the same result
that, they'll forget you].
> yeah i guess so

21. How many times do you eat each day?
> three to five times. pag tinamad three or two lang

22. How do you cheer someone up?
> hmm nagpapacute ako. or ewan. spontaneous ako e. minsan gumagawa ako ng booboo na sobrang nakakatawa nalang.

23. Are you a morning person?
> hell no.

24. Is it easier for you to fall
asleep or to be woken up?
> Fall asleep hehe

25. Have you ever had breakfast in bed?
> nope.

26. Are you a picky person?
> not really.

27. Think of one person, stick with
it. you dont have to say their name.
Would you pick them up stranded 100
plus miles away if it was your
> yes

28. Has your best friend ever hurt
your feelings?
> gaaah oo. pfft. my girlfriends nde pero si hskajdfaskjaf oo.

29. Seriously. Do you know how to
> i think i can. hahaha

30. Do you think its funny when people
get hurt?
> it depends.HAHAHA

31. Who makes you laugh the most.
Give at least two people.
> mikka, espi, maan, pam, feli, mat and boyfriend

32. If you had to guess, how do you
think you're gonna turn out in life?
> it will be fortunate if i turn out to be something other than nothing.


1. real name - margarita salvador y capinpin

2. nickname(s)- gari, garita, maita

3. single or taken - taken. echos! hahaha

4. zodiac sign - taurus

5. male or female - female

6. elementary - holy family school

7. hs - School of the Holy Spirit

8. college - ust-cfad

9. hair color - Black..

10. long or short - long

11. are you health freak - no

12. height - 5'1 hahahaha dinagdagan ampucha

13. do you have a crush on someone - yes. blush. hahah

14. do you like yourself - of course

15. piercing - Sa ears

16. tattoos - Wala the future haha

17. righty or lefty - Righty..

18. first surgery - more than 10 years ago

19. first piercing - Sa Ears nga..

20. first best friend- carmella. ewan ko kung asan na sha. ay si shenny pala. hahaha

21. first award - madami e. hahahaha yabang.

22. first sport- naku hindi ako magaling sa sports

23. first pet - salagubang

24. first vacation - baguio?

25. first concert - e heads

26. first crush - Patrick garcia hahaha lahat naman e

27. eating - nothing

28. drinking - nothing

29. i'm about to - take a bath

30. listening to - beep by PCD


31. waiting for - nothing really

32. wearing - pajamas

33. want kids? - sure

34. want to get married? - no haha

35. careers in mind? - a juicy position at an advertising agency and a head chef's position at a decent hotel.:P

36. lips or eyes? - lips. ECHOS KA hahahaha

37. shorter or taller - Taller. ano ba. hahaha

38. nice stomach or nice arms? - hmph ewan hati ako.

39. hook-up or relationship? - relationship

40. trouble maker or hesitant? - hesitant nalang. safe

41. kissed a stranger - nope

42. get drank - pare wrong grammar. GOT DRUNK dapat hahahaha. oo naman

43. lost glasses/contacts - never had any. 20/20 vision.

44. ran away from home - haha walang pupuntahan

45. broken any bones - Wala pa naman

46. broken someone's heart - ay ewan ko lang.

47. been arrested - luckily hindi pa sa dami ng beses na nagdrive ako ng walang permit.

48. turned someone down - have i?

49. cried when someone died - not yet. wala pa naman namamatay na super close sakin.

50. liked a friend as more than a
friend - hahahaha oo.

51. yourself - Sometimes

52. miracles - i guess so

53. love at first sight - nope.

54. heaven - yes

55. Santa claus - henako noh nde

56. Sex on the first date - no way

57. angels - oo

58. is there one or more people you
want to be with right now? - hahahaha

59. Had more than one
boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? - nope

60. do you believe in God? - definitely

(10:15 AM)