Friday, May 11, 2007

first of all, i am not sweet so i don't get to be called sweetie, EVER. as much as i would like to throw a fit and curse all i want, i won't because it's stupid. still, sweetie doesn't quite fit me, or baby or honey or whatever pa-sweet name there is in the entire planet. i am not and i won't be sweetie, EVER. so don't call me that.

----->tumatakbo sa utak ko.

i am like, the weirdest person.

im sorry. i love you but i can't help but cringe every time you call me sweetie or baby or honey because im not used to it. i am not your pupuchuru for christ's sake. (exaggeration na ung pupuchuru kasi narinig ko lang sa betty la fea, pero nakakatawa.) i just don't like being called any of these names because i can't even call you those.

----->tumatakbo sa utak ko.

i like calling him mark. it's sweet because im the only person who calls him mark. it's not some overrated pet name because im the only person who calls him that. i just hope he calls me something that's not baby, honey or sweetie. yes yes i know im so hard to please.


im tired. for the first time in weeks, im just so sleepy. i want to sleep now but i guess i have to finish this stupid ticket. i don't understand why im giving so much effort into this when all they wanted was to show the car. it appears no amount of good concept can change their minds. old people. i really don't mind that mat wasn't able to help me out with this because my mom would have said something about keeping it simple. it would've been a waste of brain power. mat's too good for this.

i miss boyfriend....yes even if he is a naughty little boy. too much fire for one small boy.

(11:29 PM)

"Hey you, you're the one that ALMOST got away"

(11:19 PM)

Gari, the best match for your personality is Aquarius

Aquarius, the Water Bearer (January 21 to February 19): This friendly and thoughtful partner is just your type. Initially, an Aquarius may catch your attention by showing you their intellectual side and optimistic outlook. But as you get to know them better, you're likely to be even more drawn to an Aquarian's idealistic resolve and focus on making positive change. People born under this sign are frequently capable of seeing both sides in any dispute. This can make them quite talented when it comes to finding creative solutions in your relationship. Your Aquarius may be a bit headstrong at moments, but they'll also tend to look for the bright side in times of trouble. In the bedroom, you'll likely find the Water Bearer both discrete and cautious. An Aquarian will ordinarily make sure that all areas of your relationship are strong before plunging into sex. Overall, Aquarians are solid, unwavering partners and complex people. So, it may take you a little extra time to get to know your Aquarian match, but it's apt to be well worth the wait.

Although Aquarius is your strongest Zodiac Match, your responses indicate there are a number of other astrological signs that you're highly compatible with.



+ Who did you last get angry with?
- no one.

+ Would you hit a member of the
opposite sex?
- would i hit or would i hit on?

+ Who was the last person who got
really angry at you?
- hmmm.. can't think of anyone.

+ Do you keep grudges, or can you let
them go easily?
- i keep grudges.


+ What is one thing you're supposed to
do daily that you haven't done in a
long time?
- hmm... drink vitamin c

+ What's the latest uv ever woken up?
- 12pm ata and i had to rush because i had a scheduled lunch date.

+ Who have you been meaning to contact,
but haven't?
- hmm... i dunno

+ What is the last lame excuse u made?
- ayoko mag-yfc because im shy.hahahaha

+ Have you ever watched an infomercial?
- yep...silhouette quarenta! hahahaha

+ How many times did you hit the snooze
button on your alarm clock today?
- wala naman dahil di ako nagaalarm pag summer.


+ Meat eater?
- yes

+ What is the greatest amount of
alcohol you've had in one sitting,
outing or event?
- it could be the 3 redhorse grandes i share with mikka and espi

+ Have you ever used a professional
diet company?
- no

4. LUST...

+ How many people have seen YOU
completely naked?
- hahaha no one except my mom. that's one.

+ Have you ever caught yourself staring
at the chest/crotch of a member of
your gender of choice during a normal
- hahaha..winkwink.

+ What's ur fave part of a body?
- eyes and abs.HAHAHAHA

+ Have you ever been made a proposition
by a prostitute?
- no


+ If you had $1 million, what would you
do with it?
- a portion for charity, a portion for my family and the rest for my luxuries.

+ Would you rather be rich, or famous?
- rich hehehe


+ What is the one thing that you've
done that you're most proud of?
- i've cleaned the bathroom with flying colors.

+ One thing you have done that your
parents are most proud of?
- hmm... ewan

+ What thing would you like to
accomplish in your life?
- i want to have a happy family.(and yet i don't believe in marriage.:P)

+ What did you do today that you're
proud of?
- talked about something that i never thought i would ever talk about.


+ If you could be anyone else in the
world, who would you be?
- hmm... i don't know

+ Have you ever wished you had a
physical feature diff from ur own?
- i want bigger boobs. not pamela anderson boobs, boobs just enough to give me curves because i look like a bamboo pole.

+ Lastly, what is ur fave deadly sin?!
- lust.HAHAHAHA JOKE LANG GAGO. wrath na nga lang.

(10:01 PM)

The Justice card suggests that if you stick to your principles, you can make discriminating, objective choices that can help you balance your expectations for a relationship with the reality of your obligations. Be honest in your own estimation of your position so that you can accept the outcome, pay the price or reevaluate your expectations or convictions.


i know what this is all about. i refuse to talk about it because it's something i must figure out all by myself. i have only one thing to say: i don't have to forget my principles or convictions to make this relationship work. there are things that i can't do because i refuse to believe that doing this sort of thing is an obligation.

very glad to know that i am respected.

(9:43 PM)

Isip ka ng isang tao. I-base mo sa
kanya ang mga isasagot mo. WALAng
ibahan ng naisip. MAGPAKATOTOO!!!
(papatulan ko na kase punyeta pagod nako.kelangan ko lang magbreak sa ginagawa ko.)

*//friend mo ba sya sa friendster?
* uu

*//anong lugar ang naaalala mo sa
* dati ust, ngayon sm hypermarket, automall silvercity.

* kumakambak e..hahaha bumabawi

*//anong song ang naaalala mo sa
* humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mo nang tunay. hahaha

* iliteral mo mehn.

*//ok ba ang height?
* height ampucha.shempre hinde.pero sige na.

*//magaling ba kumanta?
* pwede na.

*//eh sumayaw?
* pwede naren.

*//may kamukha ba syang
* hahaha pareho sila ng mata ni rain. minsan kamukha niya si MARK bautista.hahaha

*//close ba kayo?
* hello.

*//nakita mo na syang magalit?
* Oo, pero nagpapanggap lang pala sha kaya naurat ako at nagwalk-out.

*//eh ngumiti?
* shempre pag nakikita niya ako ngumingiti sha.kapal hahahahaha

*//eh umiyak?
* di pa. after three months.

*//ano fave food nya?
* ewan ko dun sa hayop na un.

* ewan nga.

*//bket sya ang napili mo pra sa
survey na ito?
* e kase nagdrama nanaman sha bago matulog kasi sabi ko buti pa ibang tao dadamayan ako magpuyat. nagalit kung gsto ko daw dun na daw ako sa dadamayan ako magpuyat. sows.

*//pinaiyak ka ba nya?
* oo dati. pero di na niya ako mapapaiyak ngayon.

*//pinaiyak mo ba sya?
* i will try.hehehe

*//pinangiti ka ba nya?
* oo.

*//miz mo na ba sya?
* MIZ HA. MIZ NA MIZ. yaks. oo miss ko na. in fairness naman, i miss him a lot. i do i do i do.

* uu

* shempre.

*//kelan mo sya huling nakita?
* april 19 pa.@_@

* sa S.M. fairview

*//msg. pra sa kanya?
* pick me, choose me, love me.--meredith grey

*//nagsisisi ka ba na nakilala mo sya?
* ewan. di naman, he's a lesson in life, at least in my life.. he may not be the person i always wanted to have but he's nice to me in his own way and that's all that matters.

(1:44 AM)