Saturday, April 21, 2007

have you ever been in a situation where the only thing you can do is just go with the flow?

it sucks to be in that situation when you're trying not to be in it, but for some reason, tadhana na ang naglalagay sayo sa sitwasyon na yun. it's not wrong when it's a situation you're not trying to avoid.

it sucks because, things that i never even dreamed of are happening right now. it's not wrong for me but it somehow feels wrong for other people. one thing lead from another. basta ang crappy tangena. naguguluhan nako mehn. naguguluhan. i seriously feel like crying pero knowing me, i don't cry it out and i never will. sa loob lang ako umiiyak because guilt sucks and im not supposed to feel it at all.aaaaargh...:(

i hate him for making me human. i hate him because i love him and it sucks not being able to please him 100% of the time.

(10:28 PM)