Thursday, April 12, 2007

i never thought i'd see it this way. i just realized there are things that i just can't do anymore. It never seemed or felt wrong because i wasn't with anyone before pero ngayon, pinagagalitan nako ng kaibigan ko dahil kerengkeng daw ako. hahaha... e yun... because it makes me feel bad, i will just tell him when he gets back. nakakaguilty kase. tangena....

cosmo is the cutest. well not anymore because i caught him drinking water from the toilet bowl. gross. and to think i kiss and hug that cat all the time....

yesterday, a shitzu humped me. kala ko happy dog lang tapos bigla nalang sha kumapit sa legs ko tapos un na. hahaha i probably looked like a bitch.


so i spent the afternoon at the derma. as usual, the derma girls we're all excited. ako ata yung living testimony na magaling ang derma clinic nila dahil sobrang horrifying ng ichura ko dati. hehe e yun, as usual, the pricking hurts and the astringent that follows it. pero ok lang, no pain no gain for the sake of beauty.CHORVALOO. hahahaha.... im so bored.

(3:52 PM)

waiting always makes me feel like crap 100% of the time. im the type of person who makes it a point to come on time if not earlier than the said meeting time. naiinis ako when people tell you they'd come on a certain time and then they'd come 30 minutes later. nakakairita lang. just to make people realize that it sucks to wait, i don't make an effort to arrive on time at meetings and im pretty sure naiinis din sila.

hehe apparently, it is not advisable to be late on your own job interview. i wasn't exactly late this morning, just a few minutes later than the time that was said i would be interviewed. when i came to the jobstreet office, there was a huge number of people waiting to get interviewed for a job i wasn't quite aware of yet. yesterday, when i called the jobstreet office to confirm my interview, i wasn't told or wasn't even allowed to know what kind of job was i going to be interviewed for. i wasn't even allowed to know what company it was. just like what my mom and i thought, the interview was for a call center, and that call center was teleperformance. ok lang naman, it's just that i was expecting it to be focus global inc., the company that was offering an ojt for graphic artists. of course i wanted to be able to work on something related to what i was studying. the moment i found out it was a callcenter job, naisip ko nalang it's all for the money. anyway, to make the long story short, i wasn't interviewed or to be exact, i don't even know if i was called because i was made to wait for 2 and half hours for nothing and the waiting just annoyed me kaya nilayasan nalang namin ng mommy ko ung pila. kumain na lang kami sa barrio fiesta kasi nakakaurat talaga. salitang squater nako ulet kase tangena nakakaasar mag-antay tapos nireserba ko pa ung english ko para sa interview. ewan. tae neks taym ko na kukuwento ung details. anyway sa inis ko, nagpafacial nalang ako.

naisip ko tuloy, kung pumipirmi siguro ko sa bahay, di nako mayayamot. masaklap lang talaga pag wala kang pera.

let me just mention this because it really amazes me. i so love the folded and hung website, it's models/endorsers and it's photo and concept team. sobrang classy ng website. parang di kayang bilhin ng ordinaryong mamamayan ung dami.actually oo hehehe pero ang galing lang. check the site out at: sobrang galing talaga. they made a woman out of maja salvador. ang galeng.huwaw. i love you maja salvador....pinsan...HAHAHA JOKE LANG. as if.HAHAHAHA

huhuhu i miss you. tomorrow, welcome back.:)

(3:23 PM)