Friday, May 04, 2007


mat the answer to your question is:

i love him, but i just don't love him enough. i have no idea what is enough. i just know that i do. i just don't like that he's immature and we don't like the same things. maybe things will get better. im praying it will. i don't exactly want a lasting relationship right now.(hahangarin ko nalang yun pag mag-aasawa nako.) i just want a relationship that's worth it, meaning, i want to be treated well and i want to do the same to him.

(11:40 PM)

1. are you missing someone right now?
-- yes

2. are you happy?
-- not really, just right

3. are you talking to anyone right now?
-- i was... hehe

4. are you bored?
-- sort of.

5. are you german?
-- no, indian hehe. joke lang. 100% pinay, or i dunno, 80% pinay, 20% chicken

6. are you asian?
-- yes

7. are you chinese?
-- no

8. are you asian?
-- gago ka ba?

9. are your parents still married?
-- yes

10. do you love someone right now?
-- yes

1. friends!
madami sila.

2. flower:
-- yellow roses pero mums will do.

3. colors:
-- yellow and fenk

4. sport:
-- hoolahooping

5. mall:
-- ever forever.JOKE HAHAHAHA. hinde sm narin.

6. music:
-- mostly alternative or american indies...
-- a lot.

8. season:
-- i used to like the summer season but it's so freaking hot, di na kaya ng powers ko.

9. animal:
-- i will have to say cats because that's what we have.

10. subject:
-- hmm... adprac nalang because it's challenging.

1. hometown:
-- quezon city! hahaha

2. hair color:
-- jet black

-- baby cologne

4. hair style:
-- ewan ko na. di naman sumusunod buhok ko e.

5. eye color:
-- brown.:)

6. crush:
-- madami haha

7. mood:
-- pwede na

8. skin color:
-- tan

9. available?:
-- NO. dammit. HAHAHA

10. lefty/righty:
-- righty

1. have you ever been in love?
-- yes

2. do you believe in love?
-- of course

3. why did your last relationship fail?
-- was it even a relationship.

4. have you ever been heartbroken?
-- several times.

5. have you ever broken someone's
--have i?

6. have you ever fallen for one of
your best friends?
-- HAHAHAHA no comment.

7. have you ever liked someone but
never told them?
-- hmmm no, i have this thing for confessions e kaya lahat ng nagustuhan ko, one way or another alam nila na nagkagusto ako sa kanila.

8. are you afraid of commitment?
-- i am now committed but i just realized that im not ready for it yet but now i can't do anything about it.

9. has someone ever kissed your hand?
-- of course.:D

10. have you ever had a secret admirer?
-- malay ko, secret nga e

1. love or lust
-- love

2. hard liquor or beer:
-- hard.....liquor! ahahahaha

3. night or day
-- night...

4. one night stands or relationships:
-- relationship..

5. television or internet:
-- pwedeng both? hahaha

6. pepsi or coke:

7. wild night out or romantic night in:
-- romantic night nalang, di naman ako wild e

8. colored pictures or black and white
-- black and white nalang

9. phone or in person:
-- in person

10. friendster or myspace:
-- friendster.

1. have you ever been caught sneaking

2. have you ever kissed s0meone you
dont love?
-- saan sa cheek? hahaha

3. have you ever done something you
-- i regret having to hide my grades because i have been hiding my grades since 1st sem last year.

4. have you ever bungee jumped?
-- no

5. have you ever been on a house boat?
-- house boat?

6. have you ever finished an entire jaw
-- oo

7. have you ever wanted someone so
badly it hurts?
-- HAHAHAHA no comment.

8. have you ever gone out with your loved
--oo naman

9. have you ever danced in the rain?
-- almost hehe

10. have you ever had a hang over?
-- several times.

(11:27 PM)